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Midnight Cutting Boards

I hate to write again so soon. I wanted my post about sweet Jenni to hang out at the top for a while.

But something happened this weekend that is still fresh in my mind, and it would just be wrong not to tell you about it. So sorry, Jenni. You can still comment (ahem), even though the post is not at the top.

My phone rang at midnight Saturday night. Scared me to death. I was still up, but nobody likes to hear their ringtone unexpectedly. (Except Michael’s “Samford and Son” ringtone, that cracks me up no matter what time of day)

I ran through the house looking for the phone. It was on the charger, so I grabbed it too late. Missed call. I didn’t know the number, so I assumed it was wrong. I changed the ringer to Vibrate, and headed back to bed. I heard it buzz a few minutes later. Weird.

When I checked the message, this is what I heard. “This is So and So, (names have been changed to protect the guilty) and I am a friend of So and So who had the Pampered Chef party last week, and I would like to order some Pampered Chef. Please call me when you have time.”

Oh. My. Word. It was the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

Who thinks about kitchen doodads in the middle of the night? I laughed about it and called the woman crazy and went to bed.

So we woke up and got dressed for church. At 8:30, we were driving down Hwy. 51, all dressed and ready to go. I called her back. I know 8:30 is early, but hey, it’s not midnight, right?

This is what went down…
Her: (groggily) “mmmHello?”
Me: (cheerfully) “This is Anne Albritton! I got a message from you late last night about a Pampered Chef order and I’m calling you back! Can I get something for you?!”
Her: “Pampered Chef? What? Oh, oh, yeah. I think I remember. That was a wrong number, maybe?”
Me: (making a circle in the air around my ear, signaling to Michael that I think she’s nuts) “Well, I sell Pampered Chef, and I did a party this past week and you said you knew the host and I would love to take your order if you’re ready!” (at this point, I’m laying it on thick, simply out of meanness. My one mean bone in my body was working overtime)
Her: “I’m on the West Coast (what the heck???!!!) and I’ll have to get back to you. Can you call me later today?”
Me: (completely amazed at this point) “Sure! I’ll call you this afternoon!”

So I went to church, told everyone my crazy lady story, had a great morning.

I called her around 4:00 (CST). She answers very nice and polite. She first gives me her credit card number. I tell her that the order will be shipped to the host unless she needed something different and she told me that was fine, she lives in Ridgeland and is just on vacation. Oh, okay. Then she places her order. I started making my typical small talk about who I knew at the party and how much fun it was. She told me that she knew the lady I knew (not the host) because they taught together in South Jackson.

I told her my mother taught at the same school. She knew her.

Then it hit me.

This was my Fourth Grade Math Teacher.

Her name was different, she’s been divorced and remarried in the 22 years since I was in 4th grade.

I asked her, “Are you Mrs. So and So?”

She said yes.

Now, I don’t know why she didn’t know it was me when she said she knew my mom. She said she thought the Pampered Chef girl she’d be talking to was named Annelle. Nooooo. But easy mistake. I get that a lot (not really).

This teacher (and gosh I hope she doesn’t read this somehow) was one of the meanest people I’ve ever known. She told me I was stupid and couldn’t do math. She made fun of me in front of the class. She was everything a teacher should never be. For the rest of my educational career, I thought I was incompetent mathematically. Her words had a deep, negative impact.

And now here we are, talking about cutting boards, Lake Tahoe, and my kids.

Talk about full circle. She was rather pleasant. The feeling in my stomach upon recognition wasn’t, but I’m finding some closure, I suppose.

As far as waking her up at 6:30 a.m. her time? I didn’t mind at all.


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Ode to Jenni

I think an ode is supposed to be like a poem, all rhymie and stuff, so this really won’t be an ode. If I tried to rhyme, there would be an ode-r coming from this post. Yes, that was a stupid joke, but I’m not deleting it. So there.

It’s Jenni’s birthday! Jenni is my cousin. She’s my mom’s brother’s daughter and she’s 4 months older than me. She has a big sister, Sarah, who is also my cousin. Um, yes, I’m really rollin’ tonight, guys. And a younger brother, Dan, and you know the connection.

Anyway, she reads the blog. She never comments, and I’m dealing with that. But I know she reads, simply because her girls love my videos. They are Tatum and Trevor, ages 5 and 3, respectively. They are so precious to me, because they’re just precious, but also because they love on my kids. If Aidan and Tatum were not related, they’d totally get married, but since they’re cousins…gross.

Anyway, I thought I’d write about Jenni tonight because there is less than 2 hours left in her birthday and I think she’s great enough to write about. First of all, she’s funny. She is probably the wittiest person I know. I learned at an early age, you just can’t sit by her in church. I get this pain in my side from laughing and trying to be quiet that I just can’t handle it. When we were in high school, she came with me to Alta Woods on the Sunday night VBS recognition. The offering plate was particularly full this evening and Jenni leaned over and whispered as she passed the plate, “What if I want to give $5, but only have a $20?” I thought I would fall off the pew. She pretended like she was making change with the offering and Sarah and I giggled through the rest of the service. She could insult really well, and always had quick comebacks. All in good fun, of course.

Jenni was unbeatable. When they were here for a week in the summer, we always had a “thing” that we did that year. One year, we learned about wedgies. We spent the whole week sneaking up behind each other and giving wedgies. Sarah and I might as well have just kept our underwear up our behinds, because Jenni could always get us, and we could never get her. But Jenni played dirty, attacking Sarah in her sleep. So not fair, Jen.

Are you guys mad at me yet for making this public?

Jenni is incredibly stylish. She knows what works, and will tell me if something doesn’t. She has great taste in home decor, and her girls are always cute. She has tried every beauty product and will tell you what is good or not. She’ll give me a makeover anytime I ask for one, and the day of my brother’s wedding, she gave me a french pedicure herself. I think I’d love her for that alone, but I’m glad there’s so many more reasons.

She’s generous. If she sees a lipstick our Mamaw would like, she picks it up for her. She is always recommending people she knows that take great pictures, sell pretty frames, make cute clothes and all that stuff.

She’s sensitive. She cares a lot about her girls, and is a great parent. I can tell that they adore her and she plays with them as she mothers them. She cries when a kid gets hurt. She comes to the hospital when someone has a baby. She picked up a strawberry parfait from KFC when I had Aidan. Happy times.

I have so many memories with her. Obviously, we grew up together, so every stage of life was talked, laughed or cried about. She and Sarah are my sisters. We spent summers going to the Science Museum, the Ag Museum, and Waterland. I think we did Waterland every summer even until high school. We went to the movies in Cleveland and they convinced me that Field of Dreams would be a good movie. They were right.

We wrote letters to one another all year long. We traded dance pictures and went to that place in Metro where you take pictures in the booth? CPI? Is that it? Oh my goodness, we took the hottest pics there in our Vuarnet shirts. If I had a scanner, I could ruin us all for life. The next year, we went red, white, and blue. The memory hurts my mind.

Jenni, Sarah and I made up dances in the backyard. “The Glory of Love” was our fave song, and we loved us some Peter Cetera. We dressed up in our Aunt Lisa’s old dresses and thought we were awesome. We hid in the linen closet, buried under hundreds of quilts and talked and laughed with our flashlights and peppermints. We made Mamaw breakfast in bed one morning, and really screwed up those eggs.

In the middle of the night we played with playdoh. Just because we couldn’t sleep. We watched Follow That Bird when we were in HIGH SCHOOL and laughed our tails off.

We dated weirdos, and when we each found the greatest guy in the world, we stood proudly for one another, thankful that God provided us with just the right guy.

I love my cousins. I love the kids we were, I love the teenagers we were, and I love who we’ve turned out to be. I’m glad God has let me do life with them. And I’m glad He’s allowed Jenni to be such a big part of my life for 32 years. She’s a great, wonderful person, and I hope she had a great day! Happy birthday Gingy.

(this is Jenni with Trevor, at Molly’s 3rd birthday party. Trevor’s hair really doesn’t look like that.)

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Forgive Us Our Debts

I love to blog. It has become such a part of how I deal with day to day things. I love sharing my thoughts and getting responses to them.

I’m not a controversy person. I really hate it, actually. I don’t blog on hot topics, simply because I’m not sure I could say what I really thought in a way that everyone would still like me after reading. When something is dear to my heart, I’ll write about it, but not after praying and rewording about a hundred times.

Now the point of all this yammering: I watched our President address the economy issue last night. I didn’t see it live, but thanks to Fox News, I caught it later. I hesitate to “go there”, because there is so much I don’t understand and I would rather die than sound stupid. But when I woke up thinking about it, I knew I had to share my humble views on the subject.

First of all, I believe with all of my heart, we did this to ourselves. All of the problems he mentioned had to do with lending and credit. We are a nation of prosperity, and those who aren’t as prosperous deal with a great temptation to look like they are. So they borrow. They charge. They live above their means to have the stuff society tells them they must have to live the “American Dream”.

I would never wish for a recession. I understand why he has to propose the bailout plan. But to stick those who do not live above their means, do not use credit, do not borrow with high taxes to help those that have chosen unwisely, is simply quite unfair. But the President didn’t do it. America did it.

You know, when I was growing up, when I did something stupid, I had to learn by suffering consequences. While I agree with the bailout plan because I hate for anybody to lose their job, I think maybe a little bit of hard times would be good for our nation. But I know that many people don’t learn by suffering consequences, they just act irrationally in extreme circumstances. So we bail them out. And the vicious cycle continues.

I’ve written a lot about how much I loved my childhood and adolescence. That’s partly because of my family, my church and my schools. But it’s also because the area I grew up in was such a wonderful place for middle class families to live, work, play and worship together. Say what you want about South Jackson now, but 20 years ago, it was a wonderful, wonderful place to grow up. Great families living in comfortable, average homes, attending public schools, playing baseball at Leavell Woods and soccer at the YMCA and basically enjoying what God gave us.

For some reason, the next generation has to have more than that. It’s not okay to just have a nice home. The car, the neighborhood, the activities, and the decor has to line up with the image that we have it all. I love meeting people who don’t have it all, and are really okay with that. They don’t even talk about it. They’re happiness comes from within and the relationships they have, and they are very aware that stuff turns to dust.

I really don’t mean to blog about financial stuff this often! But it’s the topic on everyone’s lips, and I can’t help but think that if we as Americans could find contentment in the eternal things, and not focus on what we have to have and can’t pay for, then maybe the morale in our country would get a much needed shot in the arm. Our society is rampant with divorce, chemical dependency, sexual predators, abuse, neglect and more emotional issues than we can count.

Ultimately, isn’t the cause of such terrible things selfishness? We want more. More of anything. More love, attention, fulfillment, the list goes on and on. So if the dark monster of selfishness could be tamed, and we exhibited maybe a little more self control (which is a fruit of the spirit anyway), then maybe, just maybe, we could lessen more than just the national debt.

I know the war has used up more money than we ever imagined it would. I don’t know how I feel about that. I know there are so many outside factors that I haven’t addressed and don’t understand. But on the issue of how we live, I feel like we want too much. God has given us enough. He knows our needs. He alone can meet them completely.

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We didn’t light it, but we’re trying to fight it!

If you were a teenager in the early 90’s, and you lived in the Jackson area, then this song was probably on a mix tape you made off of 94TYX. I love some Billy Joel. He’s got a way about him, that guy.

It would be impossible not to blog about today. I mean, what day do you get to cry on your friends’ shoulders, get a huge blessing in the mail, then corral the kids, then rub elbows and shake hands at an office reception, then watch a bonfire in your front yard, complete with cheerleaders and a marching band?

I had a moment this morning at Bible Study where I shed some tears over something really inconsequential. I think I’ve just put on a happy face about something I’ve been struggling with and I just reached my exhaustion point. I was so thankful that I had a few folks near me who are learning to love me, and I’m so grateful for their acceptance.

Then I got home, and there was a package on my doorstep that not only met a major need in my life, it helped strengthen my faith and allowed me to experience firsthand that God answers prayers and provides by using people who listen to his voice. Without going into detail, let me just say that it made my week, and I’m so happy to have relationships with wonderful people who love the Lord.

Then it was our typical afternoon, filled with fights and tears, no naps and lots of whining. Nothing new there!

Tonight was the dedication reception at Michael’s office. They’ve renovated an old doctor’s office here in Canton. It’s a beautiful building, and his boss and the architect had a great vision. So I stood in my heels through the speeches and prayer, then ate really good dip and drank bottled water and shook hands and laughed at the engineers having a party. Not a bad 2 hours.

When we got home, we bid adieu to my mom and dad, then went outside and sat on the tailgate of Michael’s truck. Just because.

Not really. Right across the street from our house is Canton Academy. This is their homecoming week and they had a bonfire in the lot closest to our house. So we had great seats to hear the band, see the cheerleaders and watch the fire. The kids danced in the truck and we had a great time.

Remember that I said Aidan and Molly hadn’t had a nap and were quite whiny? It really kicked in by about halfway through the fire. So we headed to bed, and right about the time we were putting Paisley in her crib, the firetruck started honking its horn. Loudly. The band cranked back up and the drums were beating. Poor Paiz was scared to death. As I held her, I tried to explain about homecoming and traditions, but I don’t think she got it.

So there was a lot of crying and hollering, plus the fire truck and the band. An occasional siren or two. But after about half an hour, it all chilled out and the kids are tucked away in their beds. Well, Molly’s in ours, because she couldn’t sleep with Paisley screaming.

So it was an eventful day. Sorry to take you through it with me, but I’m processing it all in my head, and I need an outlet.

Yesterday was the dentist. The kids did great, but we have some cavities. The first week of November there will be fillings, and it’s not gonna be pretty.

So the eventful day is over. Now it’s just Michael and me and Dancing With The Stars. What is UP with Samantha Harris’s hair? I’ve never seen an updo quite like that! I mean, why make fun of Sarah Palin when there is a much more jokeworthy head of hair available?

Michael is spending the day at MSU tomorrow, working a table at the career fair. I really wish I could go too. His boss said I could, but who would keep the kids? So maybe next time.

Here’s a motivational thought…if Cloris Leachman can mambo, then so can you.

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I’m no Amy Poehler, but here’s the Weekend Update!

There is NOTHING on tv. As I flipped through my limited channel offerings, I saw a football game that was not SEC (what’s the point?), old reruns of Frasier, one of the Law and Order shows, the weather, and a commercial for the 20th anniversary DVD of Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Richard Simmons’ afro is just a touch grayer, but he’s as fit as ever!

We’ve had a busy day. Molly had a birthday party, and Aidan spent some time with my mama. We browsed around LeapFrog, had ice cream at Chickfila, and did a little housecleanin’. Paisley and Michael spent the day at home. Michael got some things done and she loved the time with her daddy. I think I could count on one hand the times they’ve been by themselves.

The kids were worn slap out so they were in bed by 7:30. My kind of night. So I’m watching Richard Simmons and Michael is in our room reading a book called Sheet Music. Look it up if you want to know what it’s about, all I’m sayin’ is…if you’re married, you NEED to read this book. IF YOU ARE MARRIED. It’s really a great book, funny and very truthful. I loved it. But that’s all I’ll say about that.

Paisley runs out into the street. Yep. Like a crazy person. And I’ve realized that she does it because she knows I don’t want her to. The more I say NO! the faster those chubby legs move. She’s got a good streak of rebel in her. If it sticks, and she’s like this in, say, 15 years…Lord help us all. That’s just a trait that I don’t get. I never really rebelled. I did my own thing as far as following the crowd, but when it came to authority, I was pretty obedient. I hated getting in trouble. Still do! So I have to figure out how to tame the rebelliousness without breaking that carefree spirit. I’m thinking lots of prayer.

I was picking out Sunday clothes for tomorrow and realized that Paisley doesn’t have enough Sundays to wear all the cute stuff she has. But Molly…her summer stuff fits, but it’s so hard to put her in a light pink smocked dress in September. I will anyway, I’m sure, but until I find time to shop, she just is out of Sunday clothes. The dress she’s wearing tomorrow is to her knees, and looks a little funny, but she’ll be fine. If anyone cares, then that’s their problem, right?

Maggie, my niece, hears everything. If you read Sharon’s blog then you can read some of the things she says. She was at Chickfila today with Max and Emy, Sharon’s sweet mama. I was with my oldest 2 kids and my mama. Anyway, I told Molly that if she left her ice cream cone on the table I’d eat it so it wouldn’t melt. So Molly quickly finished eating what she wanted and gave the rest to me. A few minutes later, my mom took Maggie to the restroom. The whole way there, you could hear her saying, “That’s MY ice cream on the table. Nobody eat MY ice cream!” They were back within 2 minutes. Emy asked her if she went and my mom said, “I sat her down and she looked at me and said, ‘I can’t go. I have to get back. Anne might eat my ice cream!'” We all cracked up. She heard me threaten to eat Molly’s and got scared that I’d scarf hers down while she was on the potty.

Here’s a video of Paisley. I know, I’m doing my stage mom thing again, but she’s finally willing to do something other than hiss at the camera. She’s been watching the kids do stunts on the furniture, and when they’re at school, it’s Paiz’s turn!

*disclaimer: the shoes were her idea. She loves those little brown shoes that are almost too small. And I know she needs a new diaper, I changed her right after the video! But if you’ve seen videos of my kids from the past, you know that fashion is just not a big deal when they’re being funny!

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More Than Enough

I have really struggled with whether to write about this or not. I have a precious family member who tells me on a regular basis to never discuss money or lack thereof. So I may mention a struggle or two to a close family member or friend, but never on the blog. But I hope that by my writing this that God gets the glory. That’s my sole reason for sharing this with you.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. We have been cutting our trips to Madison short, and stretching the groceries as far as they’ll go. We’re fine, and my Michael is an awesome provider, but it’s just been a rough couple of weeks. I said that already.

Anyway, I have been worried about fall clothes for the kids. They are growing so fast, and I just knew that I would have to completely re-wardrobe them for Fall. I bit the bullet this morning and went through the girls’ closet, trying on old clothes and pulling out some precious hand-me-downs for Paisley. I discovered that Paisley will need NO clothes for Fall. She has plenty. Between last years stuff that she can wear (she just got taller, not bigger!) Molly’s clothes and some other handmedowns, she’s set. And quite stylish, I might add! I was so relieved and happy, I think I called 3 people to tell them!

Just as I was about to move on to Molly’s side, I found a box that said Baby Keds. Inside were a pair of hardly worn white leather Keds that Molly had gotten from a friend when she was little and never wore. I kept them, and actually meant to give them to GoodWill before I had Paisley. Then we moved and they ended up in the back of the closet. I looked at the size, 4 and a half. She outgrew her size 4’s a few weeks ago, and 5’s are still too big. These are perfect, and in great shape, and so cute. I spent a few minutes thanking God and praising him for being so awesome.

Then…Molly’s side. She can wear a lot of her stuff from last year too. I need to get her some new clothes though, simply because it pays off when Paisley gets them! But I was so relieved that during this cool snap we’re having, my girl has some cute things to wear.

Aidan’s room…He can still wear every shirt I bought him last year. I know they’ve grown, I watched their feet come out of shoes and their shorts get shorter this summer, but for some reason, his dress shirts are perfect this year. Maybe last year he just looked like a bum in baggy shirts and I just didn’t notice. Anyway, just a few pants and shoes and some tshirts and he’s good to go.

So that was 3 blessings in a row, and it didn’t stop there. I went to the mailbox, and in it was a check from LeapFrog Consignment store. I took them clothes MONTHS ago, and I’ve asked how much credit I have and they’ve told me, and I’ve used a little bit here and there, but they never mailed me a check. So today, of all days, there was a check.

About a week ago, I was really frustrated with this whole situation. I know God takes care of us, he always does. But I was so mad at it being a struggle. Then I was reading blogs one night and both Carrie P. and Big Mama had blogs at the same time on God’s provision. Then I went to Bible Study and the study on the Lord’s Prayer was on “Give us this day our daily bread.” Whoa. I get it, Lord. You take care of us. But when? how?

I saw his provision firsthand today. Clear as crystal. My worries were for nothing, as they always are.

I’ve also been told by the same family member I mentioned earlier that if you’re gonna have problems, money problems are the best kind to have. I have to say, although it’s been a tough week, I agree wholeheartedly. We’re healthy, happy, and we serve a wonderful, glorious, precious Lord who knows our needs and meets them according to His riches. Our riches are like dust compared to His. I’ve been reminded of that this week. When I want to covet, when I want to pity myself, when I want to complain, I remember that God has and always will give me His riches when I am need. That’s an easy choice. The world’s riches are temporary. They fade, they stain, they break, they require heavy maintenance. God’s riches are perfect, pure, permanent.

Today as I tried the clothes on Aidan and Molly, I got so tickled at their reactions. Molly treated each old outfit from last year like it was her favorite. She would say, “oh look at this little pocket! I LOVE this pocket!” or, “Mom, wouldn’t this look so cute with black tights?” She was thrilled, and didn’t ask for anything new. Aidan was the same way. He responded to every shirt with, “Can I wear that tomorrow?” or “These look great!” I was so proud and thankful that my kids are content with the riches we have, and hopefully will learn that the true treasure is in Heaven with Jesus.

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So Phelps isn’t that Phunny

I was up late, by myself, watching America’s fave swimmer dude try to host SNL. I laughed at all the other people on the show, but not really at him. I’ll blame the writers and say that they didn’t play to his strengths. That way he’s still on his little golden pedestal and everybody wins, right?

Today was a good day. On the way to church, Aidan asked us how hurricanes are formed, and why the grass is green. So after the earth science lesson, we talked about Molly and her makeup. Yes, you read that right.

I was getting dressed this morning and put on a white top and brown pants. I like both items and they are nice on their own. But it was boring. So for a little extra whatever, I put on a scarf, which colorwise is equally boring, but at least it’s a print. I tried to wrap it around a couple of times, like Katie Holmes in all those paparazzi pics on E!Online. Anyway….Molly saw me and asked if I had a scarf for her. I happened to find an old scarf belt that didn’t make the Goodwill donation. It’s brightly colored with a Pucci print on it.

I should have taken a picture. My precious girl in her blue smocked dress and her scarf, casually draped around her neck 3 or 4 times. She would have nothing to do with a hairbow. Then she asked for lipstick.

I put a little bit of gloss on her 3 year old lips, then she asked for…the whole shebang. She asked for eye liner, mascara, just like at the dance recital. I laughed and told her no, not until she’s 13. She said 6, I said 13, she said 9, I said, “You can do lip gloss at 10, then makeup at 13, end of story.”

My daughter went to church with shiny lips and that wild scarf and was so proud. She even wore it again tonight, with her black and white toile print dress. I think the scarf ended up more as a plaything than an accessory, but I’m glad she had a chance to be grown up for just a bit. I don’t mind her dressing up, because I know at the end of the day, she’s “just Molly” as she always tells us. She’s my little girl who loves to color, loves to sing, loves to dance, loves to tell knock knock jokes and loves to hug her mama.

Paisley will not talk. She says a few words, but for the most part, all we hear from her is “ssssssth! ssssssth!” She makes this sound that nobody can imitate. It’s so weird. So last night, I was “talking” back to her trying to make that sound. Michael asked if we were having a conversation. I said, “Yes! My baby speaks Parseltongue!” Now that’s only funny if you’ve read the Harry Potter books. So Michael and I decided that Paisley is part Slytherin, which is not a good thing at all. I may be raising a Death Eater before my very eyes.

I have a bad burn on my arm. It’s healing, according to my friend Elizabeth. But it looks nasty. I’m ready for cold weather just to cover it up with sleeves! I heard today that this winter is supposed to be colder than normal. OH I HOPE SO!!!! I’m breaking out my leopard print furry hat and wearing it to church if it is!

I heard something really funny the other night. A girl in choir told me that she works with a girl who spends 2 weeks at the MS State Fair each year living in her RV. She works all day, then spends the evenings in the beer tent. Now this may sound like fun to you, but I just would rather do just about anything else.

Through this experience of living in close quarters with the high class of folks that facilitate our clean, well-maintained fair rides, she has learned this fact that I must pass on to all my friends that are regular Fair patrons. Brace yourself:

The fair workers take baths in the jacuzzis on display in the Trade Mart!!!!!! I’m not making this up. She promises that this girl is telling the truth about this. So, in the same trade mart where we go to Mistletoe Marketplace, Handworks, the Kelly’s Kids sale and everything else….at some point there are fair workers, naked, with soap, hanging out in the hot tubs. That’ll make you throw up your funnel cake.

I’ll leave you with that.

Oh! Happy, happy, happy birthday to my sweet sister-in-law, Sharon! Nobody in the world is more perfect for my brother than she is. She is awesome at her job, she’s a wonderful mom, and a terrific wife. I love her and I’m glad she’s in my family.
And Happy birthday to my friend April. If you read the old blog, you’ll know that I kept her precious daughter last spring and had a wonderful time. April had a great day and I’m so glad she got a birthday nap! She’s also great at what she does (which is a lot!) and I’m glad she’s my friend. So happy day, y’all.

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