Another late night, waiting on Michael Phelps

September 14, 2008 at 3:11 am Leave a comment

To host Saturday Night Live!

We hardly ever watch SNL anymore. It’s just not that funny most of the time. But the writers were smart enough last year (or was it the year before?) to make Peyton funny, so let’s see what they do with Phelps. Pretty much, all we’ve heard him say is “I’m at a loss for words” and “It’s overwhelming”, with a little “It hasn’t sunk in yet” thrown in.

I’m actually the only one up. Michael is so tired. We went swimming this morning, and then one of Aidan’s buddies from K3 (you know, way back when) showed up this afternoon. So they rode bikes in the puddles and Michael hung outside to make sure nobody lost a limb. By 9:00, he’d had all the fun he could stand and all but fell facefirst in the bed, leaving me to judge the comedy pool (bad pun) all by myself.

I also want to know what happened during the State game today. We don’t have cable, so we missed it.

I have a friend who weathered the storm in Houston last night. They didn’t get a lot of damage, but I know it was a rough time. He was on the “good side” and they’ve already gotten their power back on, but I’ll be praying for quick repairs and return to regular life.

I’m studying tonight for SS in the morning. I took a blog break, but now I must go over the stuff once more before SNL. I promise I’ve studied before tonight. I learned my lesson about last minute studying after my freshman year. That was a crazy year.



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Sending out an S.O.S. So Phelps isn’t that Phunny

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