Forgive Us Our Debts

September 25, 2008 at 7:11 pm 1 comment

I love to blog. It has become such a part of how I deal with day to day things. I love sharing my thoughts and getting responses to them.

I’m not a controversy person. I really hate it, actually. I don’t blog on hot topics, simply because I’m not sure I could say what I really thought in a way that everyone would still like me after reading. When something is dear to my heart, I’ll write about it, but not after praying and rewording about a hundred times.

Now the point of all this yammering: I watched our President address the economy issue last night. I didn’t see it live, but thanks to Fox News, I caught it later. I hesitate to “go there”, because there is so much I don’t understand and I would rather die than sound stupid. But when I woke up thinking about it, I knew I had to share my humble views on the subject.

First of all, I believe with all of my heart, we did this to ourselves. All of the problems he mentioned had to do with lending and credit. We are a nation of prosperity, and those who aren’t as prosperous deal with a great temptation to look like they are. So they borrow. They charge. They live above their means to have the stuff society tells them they must have to live the “American Dream”.

I would never wish for a recession. I understand why he has to propose the bailout plan. But to stick those who do not live above their means, do not use credit, do not borrow with high taxes to help those that have chosen unwisely, is simply quite unfair. But the President didn’t do it. America did it.

You know, when I was growing up, when I did something stupid, I had to learn by suffering consequences. While I agree with the bailout plan because I hate for anybody to lose their job, I think maybe a little bit of hard times would be good for our nation. But I know that many people don’t learn by suffering consequences, they just act irrationally in extreme circumstances. So we bail them out. And the vicious cycle continues.

I’ve written a lot about how much I loved my childhood and adolescence. That’s partly because of my family, my church and my schools. But it’s also because the area I grew up in was such a wonderful place for middle class families to live, work, play and worship together. Say what you want about South Jackson now, but 20 years ago, it was a wonderful, wonderful place to grow up. Great families living in comfortable, average homes, attending public schools, playing baseball at Leavell Woods and soccer at the YMCA and basically enjoying what God gave us.

For some reason, the next generation has to have more than that. It’s not okay to just have a nice home. The car, the neighborhood, the activities, and the decor has to line up with the image that we have it all. I love meeting people who don’t have it all, and are really okay with that. They don’t even talk about it. They’re happiness comes from within and the relationships they have, and they are very aware that stuff turns to dust.

I really don’t mean to blog about financial stuff this often! But it’s the topic on everyone’s lips, and I can’t help but think that if we as Americans could find contentment in the eternal things, and not focus on what we have to have and can’t pay for, then maybe the morale in our country would get a much needed shot in the arm. Our society is rampant with divorce, chemical dependency, sexual predators, abuse, neglect and more emotional issues than we can count.

Ultimately, isn’t the cause of such terrible things selfishness? We want more. More of anything. More love, attention, fulfillment, the list goes on and on. So if the dark monster of selfishness could be tamed, and we exhibited maybe a little more self control (which is a fruit of the spirit anyway), then maybe, just maybe, we could lessen more than just the national debt.

I know the war has used up more money than we ever imagined it would. I don’t know how I feel about that. I know there are so many outside factors that I haven’t addressed and don’t understand. But on the issue of how we live, I feel like we want too much. God has given us enough. He knows our needs. He alone can meet them completely.


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