Tears of a Clown

October 3, 2008 at 12:54 am 1 comment

Today something made me cry. I was driving, all 3 kids were with me, and I had a phone conversation that just set me off and I started bawling.

It drove Aidan nuts. He couldn’t stand not knowing why I was crying. He asked me probably 30 times to tell him why I was crying. He made all kind of promises that he wouldn’t tell anyone, or he would clean his room, just so I’d spill it.

Of course, you don’t talk to your 5 year old about personal stuff, so I told him it wasn’t his business. His response then was to guess what the matter was. These were just a few of his guesses:

“Did somebody die?”
“Did somebody go to the hospital?”
“Did somebody get a hole in his body?”
“Did somebody get his eyeball torn out?”
“Did somebody go to jail?”
“Did somebody get his tongue pulled out?”
“Did somebody get run over by a car?”
“Did somebody get in a wreck?”
“Did somebody get shot?”

I suppose these are all valid questions, and I most likely cry if any of these happened to people I know, but he was a little off the mark. Then he asked, “GIVE ME A CLUE!!!”

By then, I wasn’t crying, I was cracking up, so I said, “It has to do with ducks.”

Silence. Thinking.

“Another clue, please mom!” “Okay…it might be the color of frogs”

More silence.

“ONE MORE MAMA!!!” “Okaaaaay, last one. It may have the taste of a peach” (I’m totally messing with them by now)

Molly: “It’s a LIME!!”


We all cracked up. Aidan was like, “A lime, really?” and Molly said, “it’s GREEN!!!”

By then, nobody cared what mama cried about. Mama didn’t even care anymore, herself.


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  • 1. Jennifer R.  |  October 8, 2008 at 12:50 am

    I love this story! Isn’t it amazing how our kids can turn the mood around with just a smile and a laugh?


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