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The title is a quote (I didn’t look it up, I hope I remembered it right!) from Steel Magnolias, when Claree was in the locker room talking about the high school football team’s uniforms. I love Claree. Worst southern accent EVER, thanks to Olympia Dukakis, but the character was fabulous.

Aidan is getting into football. Actually, he wants to be just like his dad, so he asks about 37,000 questions during any sporting event on tv. Today the Cowboys were on, and he learned all about Tony Romo and what he does as a quarterback. It was all I could do not to mention Jessica Simpson, but I think Michael would have duct taped my mouth shut.

Tonight, we’re watching the Dodgers, (I’m aware that I’ve switched sports, hang with me) and Michael was telling Aidan that he loves the Dodgers. Of course, now that’s Aidan’s favorite team. So we established that the Cowboys and the Dodgers are our family faves. I told Aidan he could also like the Colts and the Giants, because the Manning boys have family in Mississippi. Aidan thought that was great. Michael rolled his eyes. He likes both teams, but that’s by far not a good reason. Then I told him that the Colts coach loves Jesus and is a Christian and Aidan said, “I love Jesus too! I love the Colts!” Michael couldn’t say anything about that. But when I told him that I didn’t like the Patriots because I thought their injured quarterback was not a nice person, Michael told me in the nicest way possible to shut up.

So that’s our Sunday sports update. It’s 10 p.m. and the kids just went to bed. That’s so weird for me. I’m a big believer in bedtime. I love my few hours in the evening with no demands. But they were wired when we got home from church and so we let them climb on the furniture, scream, wrestle and basically act like monkeys for an hour or so.

Last night, Michael and I had our annual date to the fair. I LOVE the MS State Fair. I love the sights, smells, the people, the action. I have so many wonderful memories of greasy food, overpriced rides, smelly workers, livestock, vomit, crowds, shootings…can you believe that we DIDN’T go this year?

Now let me clarify…the vomit and shootings are memories from a LONG time ago. As far as I know, the fair’s a pretty clean operation these days. Everybody goes and takes their kids. So that means most of the people our age go during daylight hours, or on a weeknight. 

So last night, Michael and I got cuted up, then drove downtown. I actually took the camera and was going to photoblog the fair for all of you, my friends. We parked on the street because we’re cheap, then walked to the gate and as we approached the Jefferson Street entrance we looked at each other and said, “do you really want to do this?”

I have to say here that we don’t miss the fair. I think we’ve missed it once in our married life. Even when we had no money, we went to the fair. We’ve taken the kids, but luckily they didn’t ask to go this year. I don’t think we told them it was here. But Michael and I go EVERY year, and we have a very “special” game that we play. It’s called “who knows the most people” and I love to play because I win.

The rules are: when you see somebody you know, you have to know their first and last name. You have to know where you know them from, and it has to be somebody that would know you too. You can’t say, “oh, he went to State” and not have any more information. If we both know them, whoever has known them longest gets the point.

I’m good with names, and I know a lot of people, so I usually beat the snot out of Michael every year. The only year he got me was when he taught at Hillcrest and was down by 10, then as we were leaving the fair, he ran into his whole 5th period class. I was depressed for a week.

So we got to the gate, looked inside, and just didn’t feel like working the crowd. Then Michael had a stroke of brilliance and suggested Kiefer’s. I knew I loved him for some reason.

We enjoyed our gyros and went to Renaissance where I got my usual snack of Jellybelly jellybeans at Fresh Market then perused the stores. I tried on a precious tshirt at Ann Taylor that was $9, and so I left with a souvenir of our non-Fair date. We looked at the MacBooks at the Apple store and tried to figure out how much plasma we would have to sell to get one.

 So it’s been a great weekend. Today was almost perfect. The only imperfect part of the day was when I snuggled into my couch under a blanket and was just falling asleep and the marching band started up outside of my living room. Yes, you read that right. Canton Academy across the street had band practice on Sunday afternoon and they picked the closest piece of property to my house to practice on. Yay.

Nothing a little Advil won’t fix.

My dad’s in Africa. He made it there safely and will probably be waking up soon to start his first day of medical work. Please pray for him.

Michael has already commented on how long this post is. So I’ll wrap up. We did take one picture on our date last night. As we were walking away from the fair, we took one of those “hold your arm out” pictures. It turned out okay, but I hate the way my nose looks at this angle.

We have so much fun together. Wherever.


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Take 5 Minutes… The Kids Go To Bed Early, and I Get the Urge…

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