The Kids Go To Bed Early, and I Get the Urge…

October 15, 2008 at 8:52 pm 1 comment

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a kid-friendly blog.

My living room has had a smell. We have no animals, and our kids bathe regularly, but there has been a foul odor coming from the rug. I knew it was the rug when I was showing Molly how to do a headstand (yes, I did!) and the smell literally knocked me over.

Our friendly neighborhood Piggly Wiggly rents Rug Doctors, but we only have 2 rugs in the house and no other carpet, so it didn’t make sense to rent the thing for a day. So I followed the suggestion of the manager at the Pig, and bought a huge bottle of Pine-Sol.

After the kids went to bed last night, I changed into grubbies (Michael’s clothes) and rolled up the rug. We took the offensive thing outside and beat it with a broom, then vaccumed it. Then Michael filled buckets with hot water and Pine-Sol and I got to work with a scrub brush.

*Note: I have never, and probably will never post such unflattering pics of myself again. I just wanted you to get an idea of what goes on here when the lights go down.

Don’t you love the muscle shirt look on me?

I’m pouting here because I scrubbed the skin off my pinky knuckle. Ouch.

I had Michael take these pictures so that I’ll have proof that I actually did work my tail off at least once this year.

Then Michael got the hose and started rinsing.

After this point we have no more pics, because we were both a little tied up. Let me see if I can give you a visual…

We were both on all fours, he was rinsing the rug, and I was using my hands to sweep the suds and water out. Then we had to figure out how to get it off the ground to dry.

The rug probably weighed over a hundred pounds.

We folded it up, clean side in, and put it in the wagon. We wheeled it out to the swingset. There was a serious attempt to get the rug over the swingset. Michael was on the ladder, I was on a chair. There was lots of grunting and yelling things like, “hold this here!” and “don’t move, I’ve got it!”. No cuss words were spoken, and while that’s not part of our daily vocabulary anyway, in this situation, I’m proud of that.

After half an hour of trying to lift this gigantic piece of wet shag, we decided on plan B. And plan B worked because we have enough South Jackson left in us to make it work. We gathered all the yard toys, the slide, the chairs, the pool, the wagon…and we laid the rug across the top of them.

Today the kids got home from school, got their action figures out and went to play in the “Grand Canyon” in the backyard. At lunch, Michael and I dragged the rug to the driveway where the sun shines brightest. It’s now lying flat, sunbathing in my driveway. By tonight we should have a clean, fresh smelling rug back in place in my living room.

Unless a bird poops on it.

I also found a cleaner that finally gets my tub clean. De-Solv-It. I highly recommend it. Fabulous stuff. I know this because after the rug cleaning extravaganza, I cleaned my tub.

Just call me Mr. Belvedere. Or Tony Micelli. (Why can I only think of male housekeepers right now?)

At the Canton Flea Market, Mom and I went in Noble-Watts Jewelers. This is one of my favorite stores on the square. They have such pretty stuff.

I found a purse that I love.

Now I know I said on my “bits of wonderful” page that I didn’t need a purse. But if you carry a diaper bag as much as I do, your brain starts to tell you things…and you change your mind.

Especially when the bag looks like this:

The picture doesn’t show it’s true beauty. (there’s a lesson there, don’t you think?) It’s pewter colored and just so pretty.

If you have read my blog recently, then you’ll know…I don’t use credit. But I didn’t have the cash to get it on Monday after the flea market. (I really spent all weekend thinking and yes, praying about whether it was a practical purchase). So I put it on layaway.

And it was driving me crazy.

So then I got my Pampered Chef paycheck and tada! I got me a purty new bag!

I’m so excited. I’ve been walking around the house with it on my shoulder.

Now watch…I’ll take it to church tonight and it will get stepped on or something, just because I’m proud. I’d better get humble quick, huh? It’s just a thing. But a really pretty thing!!!

Here’s another picture, just because I can…

So it’s been a good day. I mean, most every day is pretty good. But a rug that smells like Pine-Sol and sunshine and a new purse is just red-letter in my book!

Then there are days when Paisley dumps all the clothes in her dresser down the stairs.

Never a dull moment. And I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.


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“It’s really more of an aubergine…” I Would Get You a Gift,

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  • 1. Amanda  |  October 16, 2008 at 1:05 am

    Next time you can borrow my carpet shampoo vacuum. I am serious! I pass it around to whomever needs it! LOVE the purse!


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