I Could Bake Him a Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie, but Where’s the Fun In That?

November 14, 2008 at 8:29 pm Leave a comment

If you know me personally, you know I’m pretty crazy about the guy I married. I have blogged about him many-a-time. Considering I harbored a major crush for YEARS before we actually declared our love for one another, I feel pretty lucky to have him. I never dreamed I’d marry the smart, athletic, super nice guy. I figured I was destined for a life of extreme quirkiness with some artistic soul who grew up listening to as much Michael W. Smith as I did.

And I was okay with that.

But then came Michael. And in him I found more quirkiness than I ever imagined and an artistic soul that longs to escape the confines of his perfectly linear mind. He really can’t handle Michael W. Smith, but we have agreed to disagree.

Gosh, I love him so much.

So here is my tribute to his 35 years of life…35 reasons why I’m glad Michael was born, or why I’m glad we’re married, or why I like him. (35 is a lot of reasons, I need more catagories!)

1. because he is the best person I know. And I know a lot of people.
2. because he’s happy eating PB&J for almost any meal.
3. because he keeps friends a long time. He’s loyal.
4. because he hardly ever misses when I yell “think fast!” and throw something at him.
5. because his eyes are all blue and green and kind of gray and gold all mixed up. Some like to call that hazel, I call it beautiful.
6. because he likes to watch movie previews online with me.
7. because during the previews for James Bond, he always says that the producers considered him first, but he was just too much for them.
8. because he’s never lied to me, or anybody else.
9. because Molly calls him Dadoo, and lights up like a firecracker when he tells her she’s pretty.
10. because he seriously loves some barbeque. It’s a big deal.
11. because when he met me, he liked me too, but as usual, put others first.
12. because when we started dating, he asked my old boyfriend if it was okay (they are friends).
13. because he loves card tricks. I pretend to be annoyed, but secretly I’m impressed.
14. because nobody on this earth looks better in jeans to me.
15. because he would never go to Sonic without bringing me a cherry-limeade.
16. because he was awesome during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
17. because he quoted scripture to me while they gave me my epidural.
18. because he has great memories of crazy stuff he and his friends did, and I still love for him to tell me the stories (ask him about the trash cans).
19. because he and Aidan build awesome train tracks and like to wrestle.
20. because he called me “Lolita” as the anesthesia kicked in before his wisdom teeth came out.
21. because he loves to travel and lets me get crazy with maps and historic info.
22. because he plays guitar and before we had kids would play me to sleep.
23. because he’s awesome at chess and yet says “good move!” when I try to compete.
24. because he prays.
25. because he works so hard, and provides so well. He’s so wonderful at what he does.
26. because his heart is pure, and his motives are always for the good of others.
27. because he thinks I’m pretty, even when most days I don’t.
28. because he can befriend people of any age, color, background and belief.
29. because he can make me laugh.
30. because he loves Paisley and makes her laugh.
31. because he still tucks the kids in at night, and makes up stories about Leo the Worm.
32. because he lets me be me, and understands my need for individuality.
33. because he sacrifices so much of his time for us.
34. because if he had not been born, I wouldn’t have this life. No Aidan, Molly or Paiz. No cute gray house in the almost country full of love and laughter. No joy over seeing his old truck pull in the driveway. No hugs and kisses by the stove while I fix supper. No best friend to talk to about everything.
35. because when he hugs me tight, I get that feeling, you know, the feeling you get when you find the last piece of a puzzle and it’s all complete. Relief and exuberance at the same time. The world is right again, if just for a moment.

I’m so glad he was born. There are so many, many reasons. Maybe in 35 years when he’s 70 I’ll be able to make a complete list. Or maybe not…

Happy Birthday, Love. I’m so glad you’re here.


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