She Adores Being Four!

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Today Molly is four years old. I’ve tried hard to be surprised by that. I’ve tried to act all, “Oh my word, she’s growing up too fast,” about it. But the truth is, she’s been acting so grown up for the last 6 months or so, that I really can believe it. She holds her own with Aidan, that’s for sure. The other day he brought home worksheets he did at school. There were rows of 3 and 4 letter words. He’s been reading well for months now, but Molly picked up that paper and read every one of those words. Luckily, he thought it was cool that she could do it, and didn’t feel like she was invading his intellectual space. They’re buds like that.

I may not be surprised that she’s 4, but I am in awe every day that she’s mine. She has the sweetest spirit. She is shy, and I DO NOT get that at all. I would give anything if she would speak to people when they speak to her. But I guess I can’t have everything, right?

Molly is funny. She thinks of things in her own little way, and works it out in her brain before she shares her ideas. She will most likely be my most logical child. I’ve said many times that she was born to be a middle child. She has the middle child mentality down pat. She’s a peacemaker, a helper, a snuggler. She likes to do it herself. She likes to practice until she gets it right.

She loves to sing. She sings to the stars when we’re outside at night. She really does. She loves to pray, and wants us to pray for her when she does something bad. She’s developing a keen awareness of spiritual things. She talks about God like He’s her best friend. The other night we listened to her talk to God while she was trying to go to sleep. I can’t tell you what that does to a mother’s heart.

Molly is a blessing to me because she encourages me. She tells me when something looks good or tastes good. She tells me when she likes my clothes. She loves her curly hair, because I have curly hair. She asks me to sing to her. She also tells me all the time that she loves that I stay home with her. On days when the ends aren’t meeting and I feel like getting a job, it’s wonderful to hear that I matter to her.

Her party was last Saturday. We had some of the sweetest kids come to our church gym and do arts and crafts. That is Molly’s FAVORITE thing to do. She would draw and color for hours if she could. So I bought white backpacks for the kids to paint on. They designed wonderful works of art on those bags and from what I could tell, had the best time. They made sock rockets and threw them around the gym. They decorated cupcakes. Molly opened her presents like a maniac, then it was time to go home. We had a wonderful time, and I’m so thankful for the sweet friends that came. Molly couldn’t put it into words when we got home, but I can tell it meant a lot to her too!

I have a few pictures, but my dad took most of them. When I get more, I’ll put them on the “see for yourself” page. But here’s a few that I have…


Here is Molly in her trash bag smock, painting her bag. That’s Maggie next to her. They both get into abstract art. You know the Coon family…we’re pretty abstract folks.




I love this picture because you can see them all making their creations.


This is before we started decorating cupcakes. 100_5250

And this is one attempt at a group shot. You just have to shake your head and say, “whatever”.




So she had a great day. She’s loving being a “big girl”. I’m so thankful that it went well, and that it’s over!

Tonight when I put her in bed, I remembered praying for her to have curly hair and a sweet spirit. God not only answered those prayers, but so many more when he made her into the really great kid she is today. I don’t deserve her, and I’ll do my best to raise her right.


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