I Would Pick the Beads and Feathers Over a Long Black Dress and Bonnet, ANYDAY!

November 25, 2008 at 2:44 pm Leave a comment

Yeah, we’ve been thinking about the first Thanksgiving around here. The kids are asking questions.

If I remember right, we quit learning about that around Junior High, right? So I’m kind of dusty on my facts. I just tell them that yes, the Mayflower came to America, yes, there was turkey and lots of corn, and yes, the Pilgrims and Indians got along famously and had a big dinner together, just like we do at Mamaw Lucy’s and Papaw Boot’s house every year!

Then I give them compliments on their flawless pronunciation of Sacajawea, and we move on.

Today I asked Aidan what he was thankful for. He told me, “My Family! I love my family, and you too, mama!”


Was I not there, in the little red Honda, racing down I-20, with contractions every 5 minutes, trying to get to the hospital to push him into the world?

And I’m NOT part of this family?

Maybe he meant that I’m such a big part of the family, I get a catagory all to myself. Like “Superfamily”. Yep, that’s the one I’m in. Surely that’s what he meant.

Or so I tell myself.

It’s been a week since I’ve blogged and my brain is working faster than my hands right now. I have a lot in there, but I think there’s a speed limit on typing. My keyboard would melt if I could type as fast as I think.

Aidan had his last baseball game a week ago yesterday. The verdict’s still out as to whether he’ll do it again, but it’s looking like we’re going to try. Michael was a great coach, and those little boys really did learn a lot, so I think we should give it another try. He just doesn’t care a lot about sports. He wants to, and maybe it will come in time, but I think he gets a little bored. He’s not competitive, and so it’s hard for him to see the big picture.

Paisley still won’t talk. She’s still hissing. Today, we were having a playtime with Max and Maggie (my nephew and niece) and I asked them all a question and they all said “no”, and Paisley walked up, took out the pacifier and said, “nooooo!” So she knows what to do, she just won’t do it.

Molly has 2 ear infections. She never ran fever, her nose barely dripped. She seemed fine. But her little ears are just so prone to sickness. That’s what she gets for being my child, I suppose.

Michael took the week off last week. He spent the week replacing doorknobs, painting a spot on the ceiling, replacing light switches and plates, cleaning out closets and bedrooms and basically just working around here. He never has time to do that! We went to Molly’s and then Aidan’s Thanksgiving feast at their school. I took Molly shopping and got her 2 coats for her birthday. She’ll be cute AND warm!

I had to go shopping for shoes for me. I needed black heels for our Christmas music at church. I’m not in love with what we’re wearing, so I at least wanted cute shoes. I found those at a great price, but as I was plowing through the clearance racks at Belk, I came across these cute brown flats. They’re Jessica Simpson, and I’ve never worn any of her shoes before. I. LOVE. THEM. so very much. They were originally $70, and I got them for $15. They were even more beautiful at checkout.

We’re going to my grandparents’ house on Thursday morning, and later that afternoon, heading to Michael’s parents’ house. I’m excited. I love Thanksgiving. I’ll post more about my grandparents later, and the experience of a holiday at their house.

But Black Friday will have to be changed to Fat Friday after eating twice on Turkey Day.

I must practice restraint. Except on the cranberries. Yes, I mean REAL cranberries made into a yummy sauce,  not the congealed can stuff. I like the real stuff, tart and zingy, with lots of orange zest. Oh, it makes the taste buds happy. If you are tired of the high fructose stuff, let me know and I’ll tell you how to make the real deal. It’s so very easy.

So much more in this head of mine…but it’s taken me two days to get this one published, so I’m going to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog with the kiddos.


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