Haul Out The Holly

December 8, 2008 at 9:21 pm 2 comments

“put up the tree before my spirit falls again…”
We sang that song with my high school choir and every year it gets in my brain. “We Need A Little Christmas”. We certainly do around here.
But tonight’s the night. We’re going to get a tree after Michael gets home. The helper elves are primed and ready. Actually, they’re taking a nap, so they’ll be happy elves and not grumpy elves. I’m a firm believer that even a 5 year old boy needs a little afternoon rest now and then.

I’m having serious Post Christmas Musical Letdown. PCML. My head and throat are killing me, and I have about enough energy to put my hair in a ponytail and sit on the couch.

The musical was wonderful this weekend. I had a wonderful time. I can’t express to you how much fun those choir people are. And every week, I thank God that I’m an alto, and the altos sit by the tenors and the tenors are just funny, funny folks.

But then there’s Monday, and I really can barely hold my head on my neck.

I need to finish shopping. I’ve barely started. It’s going to be one of those years, I think.

I have developed a great love for Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice tea, mixed with milk and honey. Best bedtime drink in the world.

I really hope at some point, I get to eat some really good iced sugar cookies.

I’m ready to go see the lights on the square with my family.

I have a great, wonderful, hilarious Christmas card idea in my head. Tonight is my chance to make it happen. I wonder what will happen if a mom with PCML can’t get the picture she wants. Let’s not find out, okay?

I had to go to the mall on Saturday. I needed tights and lipstick. I got what I needed and was running short on time. But MY GOODNESS at the cute clothes on sale, right when I need to be buying for others. And January clothes are usually ugly. It’s a sad cycle.

I just got an email…right this very minute…saying that Pampered Chef paid me. HOT DOG!! I’ve been waiting on that bad boy.

I still need to upload my Thanksgiving video. I haven’t forgotten, I just don’t have good video editing software. They need to make Picasa for video. Windows movie maker doesn’t accept .mov format, and I don’t want to buy Quicken Plus or whatever. I’m figuring it out. Really, I should just solve the whole problem with a MacBook, and a side order of fries.

This morning I answered the door wearing a towel. It was about Pampered Chef. My poor director…she always gets the bad end of the deal when she knocks.

I have to learn a monologue about Mary. I really am fascinated by Mary. She was FAVORED by GOD! I want God to favor me. I want him to be so pleased with my life that he thinks I’m worthy of something big. Mary had to have had a hard time as Jesus was growing up. I mean, she knew who he was, yet he was not ready to show it. I mean, when something broke, did she say, “Hey Jesus, come over here and just take care of this for me?” She might have wanted to, but didn’t. Because she knew he wouldn’t. How frustrating. Then when she was with other moms, did she want to say, “Let me tell you about MY boy…the sinless one!” And what about the siblings? Did their mom compare them to Jesus? Did they resent it at all? Did they even know who he was?

I wonder a lot about that. I really get excited about meeting her in heaven.

Paisley just woke up. Can I just tell you that I can’t handle her cuteness today? She has on green knit pants with snowmen on them, red socks and a little turtleneck. Her hair is so shaggy, she looks like a middle school boy in Madison. I’m really just pleased as punch with my littlest offspring.

Now that she’s up, we’re going to watch YouTube videos because that’s what she likes to do! Somebody told me last week that I look like Sarah McLachlan. I don’t know about that, but then he told me to go to “The YouTube” and look her up. What a great reference to a huge part of our culture. So that’s what The Paiz and I will do. Go to The YouTube and watch Hannah Montana videos.

“Candles in the window, carols at the spinet…”


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  • 1. Katie Walden  |  December 8, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    Haha! I love that you referenced the high school choir with that song. I do that often. Actually, I reference Colonel Classics and complain when I can’t remember the “real” words to the songs because the “made-up” words are so engrained in my head.

    I heard “We Need A Little Christmas” the other day and wanted to beat my head against the steering wheel because I kept singing “We need a little rainbow, right this very minute, dark skies will be showing, colors that are glowing.” From my junior year when we did a rainbow themed play. Geez.

    Oh, how I miss those days.

  • 2. Michelle Maxwell Gore  |  December 9, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    I totally agree with your belief that “even a 5 year old boy needs a little afternoon rest now and then”. I happened to marry a man who rarely napped as a child… you heard me… very rarely (only when sick). So, now… what does he do every afternoon???? You guessed it, he naps. 😀 His mother laughs when I speak with her and say he’s napping… my mother chuckles and moves on to another subject. So, yes, for your son’s future wife… please let him nap now. :0


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