My Brain Was On Autopilot

December 9, 2008 at 7:15 pm 3 comments

Did I really say Quicken Plus in my last post? I was talking about video editing, and Quicken is what we do our checkbook on. I totally meant Quicktime. Let’s pretend like you knew that, okay?

Also, I apologize for any sordid mental image you may have gotten when I told you that I answered the door in a towel.

I’m much sharper today. The PCML was a doozy yesterday, but I’m back on my feet today, ready to roll.

I’m having a dilemma. Shocker.

Aidan was invited to 2 birthday parties this past weekend, same day, same time. I had a choir program at the same time, so my mother in law came and kept the girls so Michael could take Aidan to one of the parties. It was a busy, busy day. Anyway, we picked the boy’s birthday party for him to go to, because the other party was for a girl, and I didn’t want to risk him being the only boy there. Anyway…

He told us yesterday that the little girl told her class that nobody came to her party. Aidan really likes playing with this girl, and they’re good friends. I am heartbroken about this. I called and apologized and explained our situation, and Aidan took her a gift to school, but I hate for anybody to have a sad party.

We’ve been so blessed with big birthdays every year. Family turns out in full force, and usually most of the kids we invite come. They’ve probably gotten wind of the joy of a sock rocket and just don’t want to miss out on the fun!

I want to do something to make it up to Aidan’s friend. I know, I have a way too tender heart, but I really feel bad. We just could not swing it, and I know that’s perfectly acceptable, but I want every child to feel special on their birthday.

So…should I ask the teacher if I can send cupcakes to school one day and have a little surprise party for her at school? Or should I invite her over for a playdate and make her a cake and our little family sing to her? It’s Christmas, so nobody has money or time, but I want to do something so she’ll know that she is special.

This kind of stuff keeps me up at night. Let me just tell you that the husband does not appreciate me talking about 5 year old birthday parties in bed. He’s trying to sleep and I’m going on and on…just like I’m doing now.

How can I feel better about this? Suggestions?


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  • 1. alison ainsworth  |  December 9, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    i would feel the same way. i sometimes don’t want to go, but then i start thinking about what if that was our party. i like the cupcake idea. that would make me fell so special.

  • 2. Katie Walden  |  December 10, 2008 at 12:05 am

    Totally the cupcake idea! Every kid wants to celebrate their birthday at school. I know, being a July kid and all, I always wanted to celebrate my birthday at school. In high school, a couple of my friends sent me balloons to me at school one day because I whined about not having a birthday during the school year.

    So, you should totally send cupcakes. Poor little girl!

  • 3. Nicki  |  December 10, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    As the holder of a December birthday, I understand no one coming to your party. Although, I’m beginning to think I was such a nerd that I really didn’t have any friends and that is why no one came to my parties. But, I think I will still hold on to the notion that it was because I had a December birthday. Yeah, that’s what it was! I love both ideas. I think anything you can do to make a child feel special is worth the time, energy and effort. I’ve been sad about the little girl since reading this yesterday! 😦


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