Day 5&6…You Are Always On My Mind

December 22, 2008 at 3:45 am Leave a comment

Don’t you love Willie Nelson on this song? I mean, he has such a great sound, and this song makes me smile.

But that’s not the point.

I was polling my family today at lunch to get free gift ideas. My mom mentioned that it’s a gift to someone when you think about them. When you ask about how they’re doing. When you show genuine concern for what’s going on with them.

I’m pretty certain that this is a gift nobody gives often enough.

I can be so selfish. I want to be the type of person who thinks of others all the time. I get caught up in my little world and all the activity of my life that I forget that others are possibly struggling or suffering, lonely or lost.

Michael is one of the only people I’ve ever known who gives this gift freely. He is constantly asking people what’s going on with them, and takes the time to hear the answer. I’ve found notes he has written to remind him to pray for others. He means it when he says, “how are you?”

At our wedding, we had a LOT of people to say hello to at the reception. Being a minister’s kid who had grown up in that church, I knew how to hug, say, “Thanks for coming! I’m so glad to see you!” and move on. Michael, however, stopped and had a 5 minutes conversation with everyone he saw. He asked about jobs, health, family. I was already in the reception room while he was still in the hall, having a heart to heart.

I picked on him for years about this. But I know that he has a rare gift of putting others first.

I wish I could be more like him when I grow up.

When I think of ways to give this gift, these come to mind:
a note in the mail. I know it’s not free, you have to buy the stamp, but it’s less than half of a dollar.
A phone call. We email and text our fingers off, but when was the last time you called someone to check on them?
An invitation to something someone else would like. This one sounds weird, but I think a way to show someone that you are thinking about them is to ask them to go do something they’d like to do. If you have a friend who LOVES sushi, ask them to go eat one night. Spend time with them, and listen to their hearts.

I know I need to be reminded daily that life is not about me. Jesus was the perfect example of that. He preached when he was tired. He healed when he just wanted to be alone. He put others first and gave up all of his “me” time for the needs of others.

At Christmastime, we are surrounded by friends and family. If you want to give a gift that costs you nothing, sit down with an aunt you never talk to and find out what’s going on with them. Show someone you love, but may not know well, that you care about them.

I can only assume you would be the one receiving the gift in the end.


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