How Old is Elmo’s goldfish, Dorothy?

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Aidan made that joke up earlier this week. We were watching Sesame Street (which I firmly believe you never outgrow) and it was Dorothy’s birthday. I asked Aidan how old she was, and that was his answer. 

I laughed for 3 days. Either he’s brilliantly witty, or I’ve dropped my humor level down to a 5 year old. I don’t need to know your thoughts on that matter. 

Michael is ill. He be illin’. (Sorry, I absolutely could not resist). He’s been yuck all day with stomach cramps and chills. At one point, he needed to go upstairs. He walked up the stairs, wrapped in our king sized quilt. He got to the top landing and just lay down on the floor and covered up. We all just stepped over him and went about our business. Poor guy. Not only does he feel bad, he gets no respect. 

This week, I’ve been thinking in “blog”. Everything I’ve experienced, I’ve thought about how to write it down. Now that it’s 11:00 on Saturday night, and I know the few kind souls that read this are sick of my Brad Paisley blathering, and I have time to write…I can’t think of one single thing of value to write about. 

So I’ll kill the time with this face:


Or what about this one?


He’s one wacky kid. 

Humor me…one more, since I can’t leave anybody out…


I had one of her making a face, but I just love this picture of her with my curtains. There’s something about Hannah Montana’s eyes peeking out that just gives me the heebie jeebies. 

I think I have an actual thought swimming around in my head…let’s catch it before it disappears forever!

Lately, I’ve been listening to Beth Moore teach on this show called Life Today. I don’t watch it on tv, but I can watch it online. I’m rapidly becoming addicted to these sessions with her. I’ve never been to a conference with her. I’ve always had such a resistance to large groups of women, but after listening to her teach, I am thisclose to changing my mind. 

Anyway…the session I watched today was about Jesus’ first miracle, turning water into wine at the wedding. Her first point was that Jesus was invited to a wedding. Notice he was invited, because he was NOT a party-pooper! She elaborated on this idea, saying that Christians need to take partying back. I loved it, because I couldn’t agree more. She said that people think Christians are so boring. But Jesus was most certainly NOT boring! He was always with people. He was magnetic. He drew people to him. He probably was funny. He loved kids. He was the guy you’d want to hang out with, but he would never have tried too hard to be that guy. 

I find that in my own life, if I’m not having fun, or planning fun, or reading about fun, or resting from fun, I can get really bogged down in the unimportant things around me that turn my attention from God. As I’ve gotten older, I have even begun to associate a great time with spiritual things. I love people. God made me so sanguine, it’s not even funny. Every time I take that dadgum personality test, I come out 99.99% sanguine. I just love people. I love people that are having a great time. I love games, laughter, risks, music, dancing, adventure, you name it. 

So how do I associate that with my spiritual life? I believe it’s part of my witness, to show someone who doesn’t know Jesus what a blast he is. To quote Beth, “There ain’t no high like the Most High!” I also believe it’s my responsibility to encourage other Christians that an abundant life doesn’t mean an abundance of rules and guidelines that you follow in hopes for a blessing. When there is fun, there is abundance of joy, laughter, love, hope, fellowship. Those things are just freely given. All you have to do is accept what is offered and then enjoy the blessings you receive. 

Now, for those of you that read this with a critical eye…I know there’s more to the Christian life than fun and games. I’m optimistic, but realistic. I know there is suffering. Sometimes very hard, real, painful suffering. There are times when we have no clue if God is even there and what we would say to him if we knew he was! I’m not at all making light of any of these situations. I just am talking about one aspect of having a relationship with Jesus. 

I come from a lot of abundant livers. I mean, I have a lot of family members who live abundantly. (Did you notice I just clarified, and didn’t delete that stupid sentence? Yeah, I crack myself up.) My aunt is such a great example. She retired from teaching several years ago, and is having the time of her life. She and my uncle travel everywhere and spend time with friends and go on mission trips, and add on to their house, and just have a grand time. My mom told me that years ago, they went White Water Rafting. Aunt P got out of the raft after the first run down the river and said, “That was the most fun I’ve ever had, and I have HAD SOME FUN!” I want to live like that. I want to enjoy every minute, and express myself in ways that show that I love my life and owe it completely to what Jesus has done in me. 

Now that I’m all fired up and ready to party, I have to go to sleep. I’m teaching my middle school girls tomorrow. Oh, how I love these girls. I have been praying about what to do in the morning, and tonight, right smack in the middle of shaving my legs (sorry, TMI) I figured out exactly what God wants me to do. I love it when he answers clearly. 

I hope this week is full of abundant living for everyone who reads this. You know I’d love to hear about it, if you want to comment…but I’m good just hoping that you are having a great time in this wonderful life he gave you. 

And one more pic, just to get you started this week…


You can’t HANDLE the pigtails! Oh, how I love that face. Even though somebody taught her to say “No”, but pronouncing it “Naw!” I have no idea who did such a thing. I ate one of her fries the other night and she swatted at me and said, “NAW!” A straight face I could not keep. 

happy Sunday!


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