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I Am Disgusted at Myself.

In my last post, I really said “you’re turn”. I meant “It’s your turn”. 

I know I have grammatical errors. I know I end sentences with prepositions all the time. I misuse “who” and “whom” like it’s going out of style. 

But “your” and “you’re”? Anne doesn’t make that mistake. 

Oh yes, I do. 

And it makes me mad. 

But I own it. Rather than edit it and try to put it behind me, I claim responsibility for such grammatical misconduct. 

I promise, it won’t happen again.


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All This Did Was Remind Me I Have to Go to the Store.

Supposedly, this was on the Tupelo Morning Show. 

I have so many smarty pants remarks…but I’ll show restraint and just say this:

If you’re eating beef stew for breakfast, along with your sugar and rice, then you’re going home a bit faster than the rest of us. 

Now…you’re turn. Smarty pants comments are welcome!!!

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Public Office?

The other day Aidan and Michael walked in the door laughing. Apparently, the conversation in the truck had been quite entertaining. Michael told me later that Aidan said that “Mom is the mayor of the house!” 

I’ll do my best to serve the people. And try to stay out of jail. (Sorry, Frank Melton joke, I couldn’t resist.)

Michael told me that he told Aidan he was the city councilman of his room. Then he asked Aidan what he could be and Aidan said, “Dad, you’re not anybody. Just a regular citizen.”

Poor guy. I say he’s over the public works department. Don’t they fix stuff? 

Aidan will be 6 in 2 weeks. I’ve been working at trying to get his invitations done for his shindig. This little Macbook is pretty awesome, but without PhotoShop or PrintShop, you really can’t do that much when it comes to card making! 

But his invite will have this picture on it:


This was the best bad guy face I could get. This was exactly 15 minutes before he started throwing up and I said, “Oh my goodness! You must be sick!” Then I felt bad for making him dress like a cowboy and pose for me, but I was in a time crunch, you know? Surely you do. 

Aidan has started making up songs. I say “started”, but I mean “started making up songs with a tune”. He’s been making stuff up all of his life. But now there’s a tune, so it’s a little easier on the ears. 

Anyway, his latest musical creations are so lyrically astute, I thought I’d share. (and let’s just say right now that the boy lacks nothing in the assurance of family love department!)

My mom, my dad, they love me so much. 
They love me, they love me, they love me so much.
They think I’m so great. They think I’m so great.
And my sisters love me too. They think I’m the best big bubboo.
I love my family because they think I’m so great!

Now, if you think I need to continue building up the guy, please let me know, and I’ll start laying it on a bit thicker.

**The blog post about my son has ended…now let me clarify the header. This is a picture from our first year of marriage. I think we’d just had our one year anniversary. We were in New York and pretty footloose and fancy-free. As of now, until I can get my kids to get a picture where their heads are all the same level and will fit into the tiny rectangle that the header lets me use, this is the best I can do.  

And…let me just apologize for the randomness of the Oscar post. I really don’t feel good. And after the show was over, both girls started throwing up in their beds. I washed sheets all day. And Molly continued to throw up every fifteen minutes of last night. All night. Then she ran fever. It’s been a rough one. So random may be the theme for a bit, since coherence seems to have left me. 

Michael’s back at the printer, working on those blame invites. I had better go help, bless his heart. I love that dude.

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Oscar Night

Has anybody been watching these J.C. Penney commercials? My goodness, those are some cute clothes. I never go in there, because (and I know I sound crazy) the ceilings are so low that it makes me claustrophobic. 

But I might could get over my need for head room for one of those dresses in that ad. 

The commercial for “In The Motherhood”? That new show that is supposedly based on real stories about real mothers? Yeah right. Make a show based on my life and the life of all my wonderful mom friends…there’s your real stories. 

Eddie Murphy is on the stage. Am I nuts, or does he look exactly the same as he did when I was a kid and wasn’t allowed to see his movies?

Family note: Aidan had a stomach bug on Thursday. Paiz got it Thursday in the middle of the night. Michael had it all day Saturday. On the way home from church tonight, Molly lost her supper. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is getting a stomach virus after I eat my favorite foods, because I can’t eat them anymore after they’ve gone down then back up. (I know, gross, but again…keeping it real.)

So let’s hope I don’t get sick, because I had sushi, fried chicken, cheese soup and spinach salad today. All of which I love with all my heart. 

Back to the show: I used to get Jerry Lewis confused with Jerry Lee Lewis. 

So far, dresses that I have LOVED: Tina Fey (I’ve never said that before!), Natalie Portman (she hardly ever wears pink, I like it!), SJ Parker (I love poofy Cinderella dresses), Jennifer Aniston (actually, the dress was ok, but the little braid in the front of her hair was so very cool). 

But I missed the red carpet thing, so I’ll have to check online later to see all the other ones. 

I have 2 Pampered Chef parties this week. That’s lots of pork loin in the microwave. But I always sell some of those stoneware bakers if I cook the pork loin. 

My battery is about to kick the bucket, and I’m not saying anything worthwhile, and Hugh Jackman just entered my living room. Must go. I drool alone.

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Sunday Lunch

We skipped “big church” this morning. We have to be somewhere this afternoon, and Paisley HAS to have a nap, so we did what we had to do.

So we left at 10:30 and went to Kroger. I ran in to see what I could pick up for lunch.

Fried chicken for everyone else, sushi for me.

My 2 fave foods in this world, most of the time. It’s always subject to change, but for today, those are my 2 faves.

Now we’re at mom and dad’s. They have a snuggie. My 2 fave foods and a snuggie? Are you kidding me? What have I done right in this lifetime to merit such a wonderful afternoon?

What? The Oscars are on tonight? All those pretty dresses? I am beside myself. I actually am excited to see what Kate Winslet will be wearing. She has been to a million awards functions this year, and has looked beautiful EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. How does she do that?

I have no idea who will win, and that’s probably because I think I saw maybe 3 movies all year. I saw Ghost Town, with no nominations. I saw James Bond, with no nominations, I think. But oh, I love Bond. And then I’m sure I saw a kids movie at some point. Or did I? We didn’t even go see Wall-E. So I’ll be really lost watching the show.

But with Hugh Jackman hosting, is there any reason to give awards anyway?

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My Favorite People

coons-albrittonsThis was taken on my birthday, after lunch at Sweet Peppers. I do not deserve to be in such great company. These are the best folks in the world (and that includes Victor, behind the camera!)

Michael is holding a spaceship under his arm, because we like to think about space travel while we eat chips and rotel. 

I like Molly’s furry coat. 

Aidan can cheese like there’s no tomorrow. 

Paisley likes my dad’s tie. 

My mom is beautiful. 

I look exuberantly happy. There’s another picture of me like this, and Brad Paisley is standing behind my head. January was a good month.

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I have had some thoughts running around in my head for a good two or three weeks now. They are spinning around in there, trying to formulate themselves into some sort of cohesive sensibility. I know that I have the ability to put the thoughts out there, but I have a slight fear of being misunderstood and interpreted as misinformed, arrogant, self-righteous or just plain dumb. 

But you guys have read my thoughts and feelings about many things and have stuck with me anyway, so I’m going to give it a go, and have the faith that God will help me write the words. 

I’ve been contemplating ministry. Now, before anyone gets the idea that I’m about to commit myself to a life of service to God, let me just say right now, been there, done that. Still doing it! I consider myself, simply because I’m a Christian, a lifelong servant of Jesus. It is my desire to live as he wants me to live and do what he wants me to do. 

I suppose what I’m saying is that I’ve been thinking about ministers. 

I have a little experience with this subject. I’m the proud daughter of a great one. I am married to a former one. I went to college with a bunch of them. I worked at NOBTS with more than I’ve ever cared to know. Ministering through the church is probably one of the professions I’m the most comfortable with, simply because I’ve been surrounded by it all of my life. 

Sometimes I wonder why God didn’t surround me with rock stars, or environmental activists, or professional kayakers, but he didn’t. 

I have to say up front that the example set by my father has raised the bar so high, it’s hard for anyone to measure up. He would hate that I said that, but it’s very true. I grew up with a man who is never self-serving. He is completely humble. He is incredibly talented, and uses those gifts solely for God’s glory. He desires for everyone he meets to know Jesus Christ. He’s funny, smart, giving, and is just the best minister I’ve ever known. He treats EVERYONE as if they are special, and somehow finds tolerance for the yucky stuff, and handles it with grace. I’ve always been in awe of his selflessness. 

So, that makes it kind of hard for a girl like me to accept less than that! 

There’s the struggle I’m talkin’ about. 

Now, before someone misunderstands (my biggest fear!), let me say that I know some guys and gals who are just that wonderful. I know pastors who are serving gladly, and wonderful things are happening in their churches, and their attitudes are “like that of Christ Jesus”. They are encouragers, they are good to their staff, they are constantly seeking God and want him to be glorified in his church. 

And then there are those who aren’t. 

This is the hard part for me. I’ve worked for guys in ministry who were controlling, micromanaging everything I did. I’ve known pastors who don’t support their staff at all, constantly criticizing and looking over shoulders. I’ve been humiliated by ministers in the local church. I’ve been disrespected and taken advantage of, after I offered my help. I’ve heard them use bad language in their home. I’ve seen them say one thing and do another. I’ve certainly experienced being on the outside, while the minister had his favorites that he catered to. 

Now here’s the part where I have to say that I absolutely understand nobody is perfect. I understand that people, ministers or not, deal with a sin nature. I don’t expect anybody to be saintly. Good grief, I like people who are honest and human! My dad’s a great man, but he’s far from perfect. I hope I don’t sound legalistic at all. I’ve been open and honest about all of my faults on this blog, I hope you know that I don’t hold anyone to a perfect standard, because I don’t want to be held to one! 

What I am trying to say is: I think that a lot of people go into church work because they think it might be easier than a “real” job. There, I said it. Now, let me clean it up. 

I think there’s a breakdown somewhere in the process of being called to ministry and actually doing the ministry. I think that there are several types of people who are called. There are the “legacy” ministers, who go into the field because granddaddy and daddy were preachers too. There are the “180 degrees” ministers, those who were living apart from God and had an experience with him, did a 180, and are now serving him. The “seemed like a good fit” ministers, those who grew up in a Christian home, and did the right things and are just such a nice guy or gal that it seems like a good fit. 

I’m sure there are other categories I could use, but that’s all I have in me for now. 

So once he or she is called to ministry, there seems to be a point where it becomes less about serving the God that called you and more about getting to where you want to go. 

Again, I’m not talking about everybody, but there are some to which this applies. 

I wish I knew where that point was. Is it seminary? Is it being surrounded by professors who are relatively successful in ministry, and so it’s a temptation to want to climb that ladder? Is being surrounded by other students with supposedly the same call as he or she a threat, so you do anything you can to get noticed and get that good paying job? Is it money? Seminary life is a struggle, is the desire to get out of that struggle so strong that making money is the driving force? 

Or maybe it’s not seminary, but church people. Church people can be hard. I am one now, so I know! Our expectations can be way too high, and we can be so quick to judge and complain. I think God has had me on both sides, so I can maybe understand a little better the struggle that both the minister and the congregation feel. But I think that sometimes ministers get so frustrated with those that are “in the world” that they get the attitude that everyone is just less holy than they are and why should any time or talent be wasted on those who will just complain anyway. 

Then there’s the situation of the paycheck and responsibility. In several churches, ministers make pretty good salaries. And in a lot of situations, it’s a great job, because you can get out to go visit people, you can meet people for lunch. You get invited to all the Christmas parties. People bring you food and help you out when you have a need. You aren’t at a desk all day most days and usually aren’t doing things that people in the business world would be dealing with. This can be a temptation, I imagine, for many people who like a good life with good money. I’ve met several ministers who have made jokes about being paid not to work, and I always have to hide the shocked look on my face (that’s hard to do, I’m pretty expressive!). But there can be an element of laziness, I think, in the choice to go into the ministry. And that makes me sad. 

I don’t know. All I know is that in my personal experience, I’ve been disappointed more than I’ve been impressed. I’ve wondered why doing something halfway is acceptable. I have heard every excuse in the book as to why things can’t get done. 

And I think to myself, “If I have a hard time with this, and I have lots of experience with ministry, imagine how frustrating it is for someone who doesn’t know church work inside and out!” Sometimes it breaks my heart to think of the lack of witness that so many ministers demonstrate. 

I have no answers, just a lot of questions. I just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head. I’d love to hear your thoughts, too. I hope nobody is offended at this. I am friends with so many people in church work, and if you read my blog (and I know you read it), I hope you know that I would never be directly hinting at you or anything you do. I think the world of people who are living their call every day, and I know that Jesus is glorified in you doing so. 

Thanks for letting me hash this out. Of course, I’ll reread it a million times before that Publish button gets clicked. 

That’s just me being me. I want you to like me and like what I write. I want to be an encourager, but I also feel responsible for saying what God lays on my heart. So thanks for reading and understanding.

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