I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up.

February 10, 2009 at 5:37 am 2 comments

I watched The Bachelor. 

I’ve watched it before. Years ago, before my kids were old enough to comprehend stupidity on television. But that was way back when Andrew Firestone picked that chick who ended up being the Bachelorette, then ended up dumping the really good looking guy on the final night thing. 

How have I stayed away, with all of that made-for-tv greatness lurking in my living room on Monday nights?

So last week, I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. I just wanted a good look at the dude, and listen to the chatter of the females doing their thing to impress him. 

Oh. My. Heavens. To. Betsy.

I am involved now. Seriously involved. I feel like, when it’s all over, I’ll be crying in a limo as I’m taken away, just begging for one more episode and cursing my vulnerability.

Got that off my chest…whew.

We had a great weekend. Friday night was spent here at the Casa de Albritton…playing the Wii and hanging out. 

Saturday, we got up early and went downtown (as my kids call it, to the CITY!) for the annual Rodeo Parade. The last time we went, Molly was about 3 months old. This weekend, the weather was perfect, and the horses were stinky. Everything a rodeo parade should be. 


The parade’s about to start, and my kids are with one of their favorite people, G-Daddy. 


At this parade, they throw CANDY!!! 


Aidan went a little heavy on the pearls. He looks a little bit like Aunt Gladys from Boca Raton. 


On the stage at Smith Park. This picture is so true to my kids. I need to edit it and make it more dramatic, so you can truly see who they are…but I’m still figuring out how to work iphoto. 

Then, Mom and I took the kids and went to Boots ‘N More. My favorite brown boots have taken their final steps, and it was time to move on. I discovered last week that February is not the month to boot shop at the mall. So I went to a store with Boots in the name, hoping that maybe they’d have “the ones”. 

I’m now the proud, proud owner of some beautiful brown Justins. They’re so great. They feel awesome, and they smell like a new baseball glove (I love that smell). I wore them Sunday, and was informed that I’m not wearing boots, however. I’m wearing ropers. That just doesn’t sound nearly as cool to me. So I’m calling them boots, and I’ll just hang around my city friends and maybe nobody will know. 

Anyway…after the boot store, we helped my friends, the Smiths, move into their pretty new house. Actually, Michael helped, and I just told Connie how much I liked her house. When it was time to eat, Aidan wanted some of the food. I told him when we got there that the food was for the movers. He asked me later, “mama, have you moved anything?” He REALLY wanted a cookie! 

Then it was off to my folks’ house, where Paiz napped and the kids played outside. When Michael got there, he and Molly had some trampoline time. 


Between the pigtails and the feet in the air, I love this picture. She and I sat on the front porch for a long time Saturday and played I Spy. At one point, she made me laugh so hard that I told her, “Molly, don’t ever grow up! Stay just like you are forever!!!” and she said, “But Mama, I’m gonna be 5! But it’s okay. I’ll still be your sweetie when I’m 5.” 

She has no idea how glad I am about that. 

So it was a beautiful weekend. Sunday, I got a nap. One of those 2 hour, oblivious to the world naps, with Molly beside me. I learned and was challenged by both messages I heard at our church. I got to visit with sweet friends and get hugs from people I have grown to love very much. 

And just when I thought it couldn’t be better, I got a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet today. Now I can work on perfect cornbread, because I’ll need to know how if I ever have to fix a home cooked meal for the day that The Bachelor comes to my house on a family visit with Molly or Paiz. Michael said tonight that if the show is still on in 20 years, we’ll enter the girls as the first sister contestants. 

That’s wrong on so many levels, I can’t even begin to think about it. 

So I won’t. 



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  • 1. Hannah  |  February 10, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    okay, you must have missed the memo. never, ever, ever watch an episode of the bachelor just for kicks. you will get sucked in and spend every week until the finale talking about how bizarre it is that every single one of those women believes he is “the one.” but you will watch, my friend. you will watch until the bitter, bitter end.

  • 2. Jeri Ann  |  February 12, 2009 at 2:36 am

    you should be REALLY scared at how much we are alike. Seriously, i was so saddened that the President had his thing before the show.


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