Oscar Night

February 23, 2009 at 3:50 am Leave a comment

Has anybody been watching these J.C. Penney commercials? My goodness, those are some cute clothes. I never go in there, because (and I know I sound crazy) the ceilings are so low that it makes me claustrophobic. 

But I might could get over my need for head room for one of those dresses in that ad. 

The commercial for “In The Motherhood”? That new show that is supposedly based on real stories about real mothers? Yeah right. Make a show based on my life and the life of all my wonderful mom friends…there’s your real stories. 

Eddie Murphy is on the stage. Am I nuts, or does he look exactly the same as he did when I was a kid and wasn’t allowed to see his movies?

Family note: Aidan had a stomach bug on Thursday. Paiz got it Thursday in the middle of the night. Michael had it all day Saturday. On the way home from church tonight, Molly lost her supper. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is getting a stomach virus after I eat my favorite foods, because I can’t eat them anymore after they’ve gone down then back up. (I know, gross, but again…keeping it real.)

So let’s hope I don’t get sick, because I had sushi, fried chicken, cheese soup and spinach salad today. All of which I love with all my heart. 

Back to the show: I used to get Jerry Lewis confused with Jerry Lee Lewis. 

So far, dresses that I have LOVED: Tina Fey (I’ve never said that before!), Natalie Portman (she hardly ever wears pink, I like it!), SJ Parker (I love poofy Cinderella dresses), Jennifer Aniston (actually, the dress was ok, but the little braid in the front of her hair was so very cool). 

But I missed the red carpet thing, so I’ll have to check online later to see all the other ones. 

I have 2 Pampered Chef parties this week. That’s lots of pork loin in the microwave. But I always sell some of those stoneware bakers if I cook the pork loin. 

My battery is about to kick the bucket, and I’m not saying anything worthwhile, and Hugh Jackman just entered my living room. Must go. I drool alone.


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