In Like a Lion!

March 2, 2009 at 4:43 am Leave a comment

Of course, we took no pictures, but it snowed today. So while the kids were still jammied up, they ran outside and climbed in the back of Michael’s truck and played in the snow accumulated there. 

I was putting on my makeup for church. I’m such a dud. 

They came in and Michael said “I got to hit Aidan with a snowball!” and Aidan responded, “I never saw it coming!” 

We stayed in tonight because we just needed to be home. One of those days. Michael made a fire, I made cookies and spiced cider. I’m feeling quite sleepy and cozy right about now. 


Yesterday was my nephew Jack’s birthday party. He is a leap year baby, born on February 29. It just would have been too hard to wait four years for his first birthday party, so we did it on the 28th. I had a wonderful time. The homemade cupcakes were beautiful and delicious, and Jack was the most perfect birthday baby I’ve ever seen. Let me just describe this kid. He NEVER cries. He smiles and giggles at everybody. We passed him around and he took a perfect picture with every family member present. He just is the sweetest child. I’m so glad I get to be his aunt. 


Michael and I are hunting houses pretty regularly now. Showing ours has been very slow. We’re hoping springtime will bring more prospects. It’s hard not to get discouraged, but I believe God will sell it and find us one in perfect time. 

We get excited when we find a house we like online and then so disappointed when it sells, or we find out the foundation is cracked, or it’s just ugly on the inside. 

It’s hard to get your hopes up and then have them fall at your feet.  After I go through that a couple of times, then I put up my defenses so that I won’t get excited about anything. If I don’t get hyped up, then I won’t be let down. 

I do this in life, not just real estate. 

The emotion I absolutely hate the most is disappointment. Disappointment hurts me more than sadness or anger. I know how to deal with those. But when something is not what it was promised to be, I really have a hard time handling how I feel about it. 

So I find myself putting up a guard, only getting excited about the “sure things” that I know will happen and have positive results. This is safe for me, and I don’t have to think about being let down. 

My encouragement when I’m disappointed comes from the fact that there is always hope. If disappointment is my least favorite, then hope may be one of my favorite emotions. Being hopeful and looking forward to God’s displays of himself is where I wish I could just live all the time. I have to make a conscious effort to move past the disappointment to the hope. When someone or something lets me down, there is always another chance. No disappointment is permanent, thank goodness! 

Just right this minute, Michael is looking online at houses. He just found out that this house we want to look at that we really like may be the wrong price on the multiple listing site. Talk about disappointment. If he’s right, then bummer.  


I’m listening to Alison Krauss. She’s singing a duet with James Taylor, “How’s the World Treating You?”. Beautiful. She’s amazing. 

I’ve been musically blah lately. I don’t have time to just invest in listening to new stuff trying to find new favorites. So I’m sticking to my old favorites, but that’s getting a bit dull. I’d love recommendations. 

My head is getting all cobwebby. ‘Night y’all.


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