Perfect Day for Turning 6!

March 8, 2009 at 3:28 am Leave a comment

Y’all, could this weather have been any more gorgeous today? We were outside ALL day long. Normally, I need a little break of conditioned air, but today was just perfect. 

But this is about Aidan. 

He had a wonderful day. The party place (our friends’ house) was beautiful, up on a hill with barns and horses and pretty houses. It was a postcard, let me tell ya. Nobody got hurt, and nothing was broken. 

And we had water guns. 

Aidan was in heaven. Then he got his light up, noise making lightsaber. New levels of euphoria were reached. We have 5 lightsabers here. But none of them light up and make sounds. So now we are all up in the force, people. 

And now, for the pictures! 

100_6262I loved watching her ride. She rode every time she could get a turn. Not only is she cute, but she was very natural sitting up there. She really loved every minute. 

100_6273Isn’t this beautiful? And the sounds of the kids running around laughing made it so much better! 

100_6299Cute, and delicious! 

100_6309Sportin’ the pigtails. 

100_6311The Birthday Boy, taking a break from his water gun and lightsaber to ride the horse, just for a minute. 

100_6314Paiz. She could only hold her gun sideways, so she could shoot with her thumb. And she had about 5 drink boxes. I had her all dressed up, and it was so sunny that I grabbed this tshirt in case she got hot. It says “Cowgirls…your mama’s gonna warn you ’bout me”. It was hilarious. 

I took more than this of course, but Aidan was the hardest kid to photograph today, so I really have none of him. He wouldn’t stand still for anything. I’m learning that with a boy, pictures are the LEAST important part of a party! 

But it was a beautiful, happy, funny, exhausting day. I really think the weather was a gift from God, because last year we froze on his birthday! 

I think I’m getting over the “I can’t believe I’m old enough to have a six year old” and moving on. I’m facing facts. 

Tomorrow promises to be a lot of fun. We’re singing an incredible choir song, and I get to be part of a trio, singing with my awesome mom and my friend Randy. They’re so great it should be a duet, with me doing backup.  At least, that’s what it should say in the program. I can’t hold half a candle to them, but since I picked out the song, they have to let me sing. Maybe I won’t embarrass them. And I’m out of my good hair gel, so I’m a little nervous about what I’ll look like after losing an hour of sleep, and using cheap hair product. 

I wonder what the horses do about bad hair days. Must be nice to have someone else come brush it for you. But then they sit on you, so who gets the better deal?

The insides of my eyelids are looking better and better. I’m going to go stare at them for 7 hours.


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The A-Man What, ME Nervous? The Very Idea!

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