What, ME Nervous? The Very Idea!

March 10, 2009 at 5:05 am 1 comment

I got a phone call tonight. I was totaling up a Pampered Chef Party, about to tell the host that she had a GREAT party, and my phone rang. It was a woman I talked to about a month ago. I remember the conversation. I was getting the cherry limeades out of the carhop’s hands when she called and asked about the house. Michael was in the back with the kids and kept trying to tell me what to say as I was trying to distribute drinks and answer questions about the house. 

My sales pitch wasn’t up to par, you could say. 

So, I figured she’d never call again. 

She did tonight at the end of my party. I was excited, because she wants to look at our house. I was not excited because she wants to look at our house TOMORROW. 

Michael is out of town. Oh, yeah he is. 

I worked in the house all day, picking up stuff just in case someone dropped by. My mom came over tonight and babysat so I could go work. Mom helped out a lot tonight, and I’m so glad.

Because the lady told me she’s bringing her husband, her mother, and one more person. They’re looking at a house before mine and she scheduled them an hour apart, because she said she’d probably need an hour on the first house. 


What is she going to do in an hour? Doesn’t that seem lengthy?

But I’m okay. Sort of. I got home and did dishes, laundry, picked up my bedroom, started to clean out my closet. Talked to mom again and figured out what we need to do in the morning to make this place a lot cuter. She’s going to help. Then my friend is coming over to help me with the last minute stuff while Paisley sleeps. I called the kids’ school director and she said they could stay in the after school program. 

I haven’t gone through this much trouble before, but I’ve never had anyone bring their mother before, either! 

The lady sounded serious. I’m nervous, because there are things about this house I don’t like very much at all. I wouldn’t blame her one bit if she didn’t like them either. But if she says she doesn’t like them, my feelings will be hurt. 

Oh, there’s a big old mixed bag of emotions there in the old brain. 

So if you read this on Tuesday, please say a prayer. If these are the right people, please let it go really well. I’m exhausted. I worked tonight, then cleaned house for over 2 hours, and I still have a long to-do list to get it ready by 3pm tomorrow. And Paiz will be here. She’s awesome, but not really a lot of help. 

Gosh, I sound pitiful. I can clean my house. I just don’t want to fall out on the floor from exhaustion in the process. 

And then there’s the whole issue of getting my hopes up. I don’t want to go through that! 

I know the blog has been kind of pitiful lately. Except for Aidan’s birthday, I haven’t really had a clear thought that I expressed well. I’m hammering out some ideas in my brain, and I’m sure they’ll show up soon. 

They may be in the van, where I’m putting all the clutter from the house tomorrow. If I find them, I’ll let you know.


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  • 1. Nicki  |  March 10, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Praying all day for you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!


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