One of My Best Dates

March 18, 2009 at 2:03 am 3 comments

When I was in Junior High, my papaw took me to see Randy Travis. Alan Jackson opened for him at the Coliseum. That was one of my favorite dates ever. Tonight, he is the mentor for the American Idol contestants. I love Randy Travis. “Deeper Than The Holler” was the first country song that I ever loved. That song and his twangy voice helped me learn to love country music so much.

Country night is my favorite night on this show. I will try to write about each singer, but I don’t have Tivo, so I may miss one or two. I don’t care if I see any more Idol after this, but country night is worth sitting on the couch for two hours. And it’s not just the singing, but also the fact that Simon hates country night, so his comments are always noteworthy. 

The first guy: I forgot his name. That is my least fave Garth song ever. It’s crude, and hard to sing. Couldn’t get the words. He looked unprofessional to me. 

Allison with the pink hair: I love this song. And she sounds great. She’s 16? Seriously? She’s giving it her own edge, but with that voice, how could she not? She will never be accused of copying anybody. Maybe needs a bit more breath control, but what do I know?

I know I’m the fourteen millionth person to say this, but: PLEASE STOP, PAULA.

Kris Allen:  “To Make You Feel My Love”, oh my goodness, college memories all over the place here. This was the song from that movie with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. I don’t care how he sang it just now, I remember watching the two of them slow dance on the movie screen and my 18 year old hormones jumping all around. And Simon just said “Terrific”. I’m so excited. And didn’t I read today that he’s a worship leader somewhere? And let’s just all give thanks that he shaved that scruff. 

None of that had anything to do with music. 

Old Navy commercial. See those cute dresses? Yeah, I was in the store this weekend. They are cute on the tv, and online, but I didn’t see one dress that looked like it would hold up after 2 washings. I’d love to be proven wrong here, but I’m not taking at $25 chance on one of those. 

Lil Rounds: I’m not a huge fan of the big, showy Martina McBride songs. Let’s see…I agree that slowing it down is working. Lil Rounds is so pretty. She’s singing it great, without screaming. You’re a great singer if you can sing Martina without screaming. That was almost effortless. Good for her. She’s standing up for her song choice. Go girl. 

Is it me, or is Randy Jackson just filler? Does he say anything truly helpful? I would love a Simon and Kara judges table. 

Adam Lambert: Call me narrow minded. I can handle it. I can’t handle this arrangement. Points to him for making it his own, but he is not singing country. Which says to me that he can adapt songs to his style, but he can’t adapt himself to the song. So that makes him as narrow as me, huh? I think so. Thank you, Simon. I think the guy lost a TON of country fans votes. I agree with “indulgent rubbish”. 

I think Paula has a post it note in front of her that says, “just use the word AMAZING and everything will be okay.”

So Michael just raised a question: Is it better to do like Lil, and try to sing something you’re not necessarily good at? Or like Adam, and stick to the one thing you can do? 

Scott MacIntyre: I like this Martina song. He is so endearing to me. So far, so great. I like this a lot. Maybe he should mix it up a little, but I think he is doing great where he is. 

Alexis Grace: I love Randy’s comment, “she’s someone who understands what telling the story is about”. That’s a huge compliment, hope she knows that. The judges want angst. Don’t they create enough of their own? 

Danny Gokey: Randy Travis made him nervous. That’s cute. I’d be the same way. I’d probably throw up. Love his glasses. Not certain about the white jacket, but hey…I love this guy. That was some incredible singing. And he didn’t yell like Carrie Underwood can sometime do. I want him to win. 

Kara’s dress is odd. Paula said “Brilliant” and not “Amazing”. Way to stretch it. Simon just called out the white jacket. He handled that great. 

Anoop: I always want to follow his name with “Doggy Dogg”. I heard this song in the car today. It gets to me. Hmmm…good job? Maybe? Not sure, I have to let that sink in. His voice is beautiful. He interpreted it well. I liked it, yep, I did. Simon: “Zero to hero”. That’s huge, huge, huge. I can’t believe he sang “Beat It” just last week. 

I want to put duct tape on Randy Jackson’s mouth. I can’t handle his lingo. 

During that commercial break, Paisley was screaming. I went up there, and she had a mega-stinky diaper. I brought her downstairs to change her. Let’s just say that if there was an American Pooper competition, she’d win hands down. I love my life. 

Megan Joy: I like her voice. I think she’s quirky. But many people have made a great living on being quirky. I love her copper eyeshadow. And I’m always a fan of the maxi dress. She did a great job taking on Patsy Cline, I think. Much better than her cawing at the end of last week’s “Rockin’ Robin” disaster. She has the flu? My heavens, go drink you some tea, sweetie, and get in bed. 

When Simon scratches his nose, he uses his middle finger. Is that his message to America? 

Those commercials from Liberty Mutual? Best I’ve seen in a while. 

Matt Giraud: I think he could be the dark horse contestant. He’s not a hugely hyped guy, but he’s got a cool voice, and if he keeps up the originality, I think he’ll go further than I thought he’d go. Why is Paula dancing to this song? She is way too flirty with him. Gross. Okay…did Simon just pretty much say what I just said? Thank you very much. Me and the Brit, we’re one mind. 


My picks for in trouble? the first guy, Adam, Alexis, and I hope not, but maybe Lil. Did she connect with that song? And now that I’m watching Scott’s replay…I liked it, but did it make me want to vote? Not sure. 

I want Danny to sing that song again, and again. 

If you read all this blather, then bless your heart. I know nothing. I just like country music, and I’ll never get to do what they’re doing, so I’ll just sit here and write about it. 

BRAD PAISLEY TOMORROW NIGHT. Did you get that? I’m hoping one day he’ll google himself and find out that I’m the girl who grabbed his leg in New Orleans. Not that he noticed someone grabbing his leg. And it really wasn’t his leg, just his jeans, because I was afraid he’d kick me. 

Now I have to go find out who was voted off Dancing With the Stars and The Biggest Loser. I tell myself we don’t need Tivo…


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  • 1. Smoochiefrog  |  March 18, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    When I found out it was country week, I imagined Adam doing Charlie Daniels or something. I did NOT expect him to do Cash, and poorly at that. The boy can definitely sing, but country is NOT his thing in any way shape form or fashion.

  • 2. Sherri  |  March 18, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Great recap! Love that someone else in this world pays attention to commercials too…
    Came over from BooMama’s, Thanks for sharing!

  • 3. Amanda  |  March 19, 2009 at 1:38 am

    I know this was about AI, but I hooked on to your comment about the ON dresses- it’s not that I think THEY wouldn’t hold up after washing, it’s that I think they can’t hold ME up, if you catch my drift. The girls just don’t go where they’re supposed to after 3 babies, know what I mean?


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