What Do You Mean, “Fine”?!

March 28, 2009 at 2:37 am 1 comment

I love clothes. I can’t buy everything I like, or we’d have to add a closet onto the house. I wouldn’t buy everything I like, because that would take the fun out of shopping. I love going in a store and looking at everything. I love fabrics, hemlines, embellishments, prints, shapes and textures. 

I should have been a buyer. Not a designer, I have no original ideas, but I’d love to buy for a store. 

When I was in high school, my friends and I went to the Metrocenter on weekend nights and filled a bride’s dressing room in Gayfers. We would try on every formal in the store, in every color, length, and fabric known to man. I could do that for hours. When I got engaged, mom and I went the day after Christmas to find my dress. I LOVED trying wedding dresses on. I bought the third or fourth one I tried on and bought it with no alterations or anything needed. I was ecstatic, but a little sad that the process went so fast for me. 

I love the deciding process of what to wear. I love trying on and walking around, seeing how clothes hang and move. 

I like wearing things that “only Anne would wear”. I don’t do this as much anymore. I don’t go to as many events or have as many nights out as I did in college or high school. I remember in college, I wore casual dresses with Timberland hiking boots every day. One day, I ran into a friend with a similar outfit on. She told me, “When I got dressed this morning, my roommate told me I looked like you!” I thought that was funny, but I was also flattered that I had a signature look (we’re not discussing whether it was a good look or not…it was signature, that’s all that matters!)

Nowadays, I have to combine cute with comfort. I can’t wear shoes that hurt. I won’t wear anything that has to be cleaned, and not much that has to be ironed. That limits the wardrobe a good bit. 

Not to mention the limits of the pocketbook. I won’t even go there. 

A few weekends ago, I shopped all day with my mom. It was an awesome day, and we did really well. I’m learning that buying the best quality that I can afford (I won’t buy it if I can’t pay for it completely at that moment) pays off in the end. Instead of a bunch of tshirts from Target that will stretch and fade and look awful in a month, I spend a little more and go to the sale rack at Banana Republic and get a nicer tshirt that will last me for years. More bang for your buck, that’s what I say.

I go cheap on my trends. I love, love, love the maxi dress trend. I’m tall, so I am allowed to love it. I love it because if I haven’t shaved and have to go somewhere and look kind of nice, I have a solution. I love the hippy-ish, flowy look. I would go all out and wear a headband, but I know I’d be laughed at. I found a maxi dress at TJMaxx for $17 on that great day ‘o shopping and I’m so excited about wearing it soon. 

Another trend I’m crazy about is the scarf. There are so many reasons this works for me. 1. They add color to a neutral shirt and jeans. 2. No necklace to get broken or choke me. 3. Multiple ways to wear them. 4. When it’s cold, they work as a shawl. 5. They’re pretty cheap, I got a solid hot pink one at Walmart for $5. 6. People notice them, and it’s slightly out of the ordinary, without being weird. You wear a scarf  these days and get instant style points. Oh, and the best one: 7. When I wear my long scarf, it hangs in the front of my shirt, hiding my baby pudge belly that will not go away unless I exercise. Since I won’t exercise, I’ll just wear a scarf. I’m a genius. 

So today, I get dressed and asked my oldest girl how I looked. Now this is the same girl who just two nights ago made me a poster saying how much she loved her mom. She told Michael, “I love mommy because she has pretty clothes and pretty makeup and I love her jewelry.” I have always thought the same thing about my own mom, so it makes my day that my girl likes my style. 

I walk in the den and ask her what she thinks. She said, “I like the pink scarf. The shirt and pants are okay.” I had on a charcoal gray tshirt and jeans. I’m with her, they’re okay. The scarf did help. 

But then I asked about the shoes. I had on pewter colored dressy flip flops with a big old sparkly rhinestone thing in the middle. I knew she’d love them. She said, “the shoes are fine.” Then turned back to the tv. 

If I had wanted “fine”, I’d have asked any of my male relatives. Or old boyfriends. 

What on earth did “fine” mean? From a four year old? The same four year old who likes wearing mismatched socks?

I guess when it comes to signature style, she thinks I’m quite the dud.


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  • 1. Jeri Ann  |  March 30, 2009 at 2:22 am

    i’m sad that you didn’t put michaels “huxtible” comment on here!! Maybe that should be another post!


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