A Little “Me” Time

April 8, 2009 at 3:51 am Leave a comment

When I wrote the title, I laughed out loud. I don’t have any “me” time, and wouldn’t know what to do with it if I did. 

Michael had to go out of town today. It was kind of short notice, and this is a super busy week. But he is the troubleshooter extraordinaire, so he had to go shoot troubles. I’m proud that he’s so smart like that. 

Anyway…I had to work tonight. I did a party in Vaughn, MS, for the sweetest bunch of ladies. We had a great time. Mom and Dad saved the day and came over to keep the little Albrittons. 

So I had car time, then after they left tonight, I’ve had an hour or so by myself. I never know quite what to do when this happens. I mean, I could be so productive and clean stuff…or I could sit and chill out and enjoy not having to talk to anyone. 

I did a little of both, putting away laundry, and then hanging out on facebook for a few minutes. 

When I got in the bed tonight, I did something I haven’t done since college. 

Don’t make fun of me. 

It’s really quite smart, actually. 

I’m sleeping under 2 quilts on top of my MADE UP bed. 

I know…I know…this is only for kids who hate making the bed. 

But I hate making the bed, too. It takes a long time, because I have this coverlet that has to be tucked in all the way around the mattress, then I have this down comforter that has to be folded just right at the foot of the bed. Then I have 8 pillows that are strategically arranged. It takes a good 10 minutes every day. 

So tomorrow, all I do is fold the quilts, straighten the pillows and smooth out the wrinkles.

Considering I have to take Aidan to school, the girls to an Egg hunt, then all of us to church for what may be a late night, I may need those 10 minutes I save to do something else…like maybe, put on makeup?

Or check Facebook.

Or look through my new Lucky magazine.

Or play the Wii.

You have to appreciate a mom who sleeps on a made bed so she can spend a few minutes trying to beat her husband’s score on bowling.


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Good Therapy For Most, It’s Just a Week

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