For Most, It’s Just a Week

April 9, 2009 at 3:40 am 3 comments

We are in the middle of Holy Week. 

Let’s see, the things I’ve thought about this week: what to wear on Sunday and for our pictures Friday, the weather, how many eggs I have, what dessert I have to take to Mama’s house Saturday, Michael going out of town, a long choir practice, praise team singing and when am I going to learn the backup for the solo? I’ve thought about real estate, worried about the house I love selling before the house I live in sells. I have thought about my kids, why do they fight? Is it normal that Molly just plays really well by herself and doesn’t really care what the other girls are doing? Where will Aidan go to first grade? When will Paisley talk???

This is the tip of a huge iceberg of thoughts, concerns, hopes, wonderings, and frivolity that goes on in my head hourly. 

Now, the thoughts of what Resurrection Sunday means to me: ummmm…

Let me clarify: I know what it means. I have given it a bit of thought this week. A bit. Okay, a little bit. I’ve wondered how I can get my children to put away the eggs and focus on Christ. I’ve wondered how I can attend social functions and let my kids hunt eggs and still keep the main thing the main thing. 

But I haven’t spent TIME and really pursued that worship time with my Lord who gave himself for me. 

I want to blame Walmart. I want to blame them for their rows and rows of pastel paraphernalia and candy. I want to scream when I’m in there, because that’s so not the point. 

I want to throw all the plastic eggs out the window, but I know that’s bad for the earth. 

I want to cry when I hear people talk about what the Easter Bunny is bringing their kids. I just don’t get that at all. Why should a kid wake up on Resurrection Sunday and their first thought be, “what’d I get?”?

I heard the first part of a sermon this morning that got to me, big time. David Platt is the Sr. Pastor at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham. He and I worked for the same professor for a year or so at NOBTS. We were friends then, and I’m so proud of how God is using him now. He preached last Sunday on The Lordship of Christ, and he made this point: 

People say, “I made Jesus the Lord of my life at age ____.” The truth is, him being Lord of our life has NOTHING to do with us. We don’t make him Lord. He IS LORD. We decide whether we want to submit to his Lordship or not. He can’t be our savior without being our Lord. Salvation is not independent of his Lordship. 

But we treat it like it’s optional. We act like we want to be saved, but as far as him being the Lord of everything in our life, well, that’s something that can wait until we’ve done all we want to do on our own. 

According to Platt, and I believe it, that’s blasphemy.

I have had the worst heartache today, knowing that my next few days will be filled with plastic and sugar. It really makes me sad. 

I want my kids to have fun. I don’t want them to be the weird ones who don’t participate in anything because their mom doesn’t like the Easter Bunny. I just wish there was another way, another tradition. 

I almost understand, but still struggle with, the whole Santa side of Christmas. I mean, all of that started with the gifts that St. Nicholas gave, according to that legend. I’m down with a tradition that involves giving. 

But there’s nothing remotely resembling Christ and his sacrifice in pink and purple plastic. 

I spent a while this afternoon talking to my kids about Jesus and what he went through. Aidan covered his ears and said he didn’t want to hear it. I told him he needed to understand that Jesus did all of that because he loves him (Aidan) so much. I tried to explain how Jesus took our punishment for us. They didn’t quite get it, but they understand more than they did this time last year. 

I just don’t want my kids to be consumed with consumerism at holiday times. I want them to love holidays and have fun being with family and celebrating, but without the need for chocolate eggs. I want them most of all to appreciate what we’re celebrating. I pray that Jesus and his love for them will cause them to approach every event with gratitude and thankfulness. 

I pray that for myself too. I am so grateful. Because of who he is, and what he did, I can be his child. I can know God through Christ. I can be confident of my identity in him and go through my life knowing peace and comfort and acceptance that will never come from people. 

May the rest of this week be more holy for each of you that reads this. Take time to worship. He is worthy, and he is ALIVE!


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A Little “Me” Time He Is Risen, Indeed!

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  • 1. Jen  |  April 9, 2009 at 4:05 am

    you are such a great mom, and i love hearing your heart. it really is sad how consumer-driven our society is. but i think there are traditions you can start that teach Christ. we do the resurrection eggs and the kids LOVE it. we open one a night for 12 nights, but we pretty much do egg 1-whatever night we are on each night becuase they love to retell the whole story. we do resurrection rolls on Easter Sunday. i will have to do a post about that- it is one of my favorite traditions. we talk about how eggs represent new life and how we search for the eggs like the disciples went looking for Jesus (our new life) in the tomb.
    be creative- there is so much to teach them and so many fun ways to do it!

  • 2. Leslie Tanksley  |  April 9, 2009 at 4:28 am

    GIRL!!! I feel you! My kids and I had almost the exact same conversation in the car today! It is Crazy to me that they didn’t know why we celebrate Easter! I felt like I had TOTALLY failed as a mom! Then I just remember that God gives us times like that to teach our children! They are children…they should have fun and enjoy in the holidays, but I want mine to enjoy it knowing what Jesus sacrificed for them! I am so grateful to have friends like you that feel the same way I do! Thanks for reassuring me that I am not crazy for hating chocolate easter bunnies!!!

  • 3. Katie Walden  |  April 9, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Great post. I go to Brook Hills where David preaches. He’s amazing. I love that he preaches in a way that his congregation can take what he teaches and reteach it to others. I’ve learned so much more in the past three years than I think I’ve ever learned.


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