He Is Risen, Indeed!

April 13, 2009 at 4:00 am Leave a comment

What a day. A great day, but a marathon morning for me. 

I am so thankful for the gifts God has given me, and I am committed to using them for his glory the rest of my life. However, using those gifts is exhausting on a Sunday! I have no regrets and don’t want to change a thing, but I did miss having time to dress my kids for Easter. We got one picture of us, after church, with our hair all wacky and the sun in our eyes. It’s a sad sight. 

**And I’m so thankful that I’m married to a dude who will dress the kids, brush teeth, and get them to church…just a few minutes late. 

The worship service this morning was great. I was actively participating, so I had to pray about not feeling so rushed and busy, and think about what I’m singing and what’s being said. 

I had several delightful conversations with people I love. My sweet friend, Ms. N., stopped me in the hall. I’ve known her all my life. She’s in her 80’s now, and I told her her dress was beautiful. It really was so pretty. She told me that she picked it out 4 years ago to wear on Easter and when she was buried. So she breaks it out every Easter, but this morning she said the Prednasone (how do you spell that?) that she takes makes her bloated and she almost had to go to the neighbors’ house to get her zipper up. She’s just the cutest thing. She calls me “peaches and cream”. Isn’t that the best nickname EVER? I certainly am not deserving of a name that sweet, but I’ll take it! 

I saw my college friend, Amy, this morning in the balcony! Amy lives in Georgia, and was in town for Easter. Her inlaws have been visiting my church and I looked up mid-song and there she was, waving at me! It was so fun to see her, just for a minute. 

I had a conversation with my friend B about how spotlights make us feel really insecure. We both like to sing, but hate singing in dark rooms with spotlights. There’s something very lonely about being in the light, and not being able to see anyone else. I’m thinking there’s a devotional thought there…I’ll have to think about that one. 

I talked to my choir friends about our new robes, about smart-mouthed kids, about Easter dresses, and whatever else. Then I realized that my microphone was still on. THANKS to the sound guys for being smarter than me and turning it off! 

So my day was filled with chatter. Funny, sad, serious, silly chatter. And I realized that even though it was a super-duper-busy morning for me, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I have moments when I wonder if we’re in the right place, doing the right thing, and God consistently affirms our choice to be where we are. 

I had no spiritual revelation this morning, just a deep, abiding sense of gratitude in knowing that Jesus is alive. Yes, his death was awful, but he’s alive, and he’s coming back. I can’t wait to see him. I love the words in “It Is Well With My Soul”, “Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight”. I get so excited thinking that one day, everything I believe will be right in front of my eyes. As much as I’ve always wanted to do and accomplish here on earth, as I get older, I’m realizing that I really just want to see Jesus. He can’t get here a minute too soon! 

Hope your day was blessed. 

pics coming soon, by the way!


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