April 23, 2009 at 2:51 am 1 comment

I love this hotel.

I can use the word “love” with no hesitation. I believe you can love something or someone if you spend a lot of time with it or them.

I have spent a lot of time in this hotel, therefore I love it.

You’re annoyed, aren’t you? I get on my own nerves all the time, you’re not alone.

Anyhoo…Michael started conferencing today. My friend Kim picked me up and we headed to the Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead. I found the white shirts for the boy and me. I also found a few other fun little things. Kim and I had great conversation and I got to hold Logan.

Sweet, beautiful, snuggly, six month old Logan. She’s my new BFF and now I want to visit her all the time.

Kim and I go way back, and she’s incredible. She lived in New Zealand and traveled all over that part of the world for a year with her husband, Fleetwood. Check out her blog over on the side “The Loustalots” and look at the pictures from her trip. Amazing. I’m so glad they got to go over there. But I’m glad she’s here now and has a happy, sweet girl!

Then this afternoon, I bonded with my room. I listened to music, watched tv, stood on the balcony, went up and down the elevator, smelled the shampoos, laid on the bed, got back up, tried to read.

I’m a walking party monster. Never a dull moment.

So then tonight, we went to eat with Jon and Hannah. Hannah and I have been friends since pretty much day one of college. She’s special, just because she’s Hannah, but now she’s about to be Mama. Any day now. I got to pat the belly and give her hugs. It was great fun to see them and to see their family at the verge of becoming bigger.

So now we’re back in the room, and this is the point of these ramblings. I know it takes me a while to get to the point, but I have to mention these girls, because they’re cool. Cooler than the room, if you can imagine.

The room has some great stuff that Michael has informed me he wants in our next house.

The first item:


 Yes, it’s a showerhead. And it’s as big as MY  head. It feels like rain, and I love it. I was still half asleep when Michael showered this morning and got out and went on and on and on about it. Then after he left and I got up, I finished my shower and sent him this text: “We have to have the showerhead. I don’t care what it costs.”

Next item:


This is the shower curtain. Michael loved it because it’s terry cloth. I told him that if we had a terry cloth shower curtain, our kids would just dry themselves off on it every night. It would cut down on the laundry, and probably be kind of fun, too.

Please say you know I’m kidding. Seriously, y’all.

Next up:


Isn’t this the coolest lamp EVER? I know it’s not for everyone, but I really love it. I wonder if they have it at Ikea, because we are so there tomorrow night. It really gives a lot of light, and it just looks so sleek and suave, standing aloof in the corner like it has been there, done that.

I just personified a lamp. Gracious.

And finally:


The view from our balcony. Isn’t it pretty? Right across the street, in the lower left corner, is The Varsity. The highway there is I-85. The rest is just twinkly, as far as I know.

So the room is great, but I have to say (and I know it’s mushy) the company is greater. Michael and I were in desperate need to reconnect. It’s been a rough few weeks with way too much going on. Even though he’s busy during the day, the conversation during the drive and all this evening has been just what we needed. It’s nice to go to the mall and talk to him about silly little things that don’t involve schedules and kids and real estate. We’ve laughed, we’ve talked about what God is teaching us, we’ve talked about a lot of nothing. We’ve been The A-Team, which was our affectionate nickname for us before kids. I miss my kiddos, but I’m glad to be one of two for a few days. It makes being one of five easier when we get this time together.

And now it’s time for my last favorite feature of the room. (Sorry, I thought I was done, too!)


This is my bed. Michael’s looks just like this, but he’s in it, and won’t let me take his picture.

So “yawn”, and we’ll see you tomorrow.


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  • 1. Hannah  |  April 23, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    sounds lovely. SO fun to see you both. 🙂


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