Crazy Paizy!

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Today she’s 2. It was a fun day, filled with friends and lots of playtime. She’s talking a LOT (remind me that I wanted her to, okay?) and she really is quite funny! But it’s not the kind of funny I could relay to you on the blog like I do the big kids. Her funny is facial expressions, attitudes, the twisty way she runs, the sounds she makes, all of that stuff. Michael was out of pocket all day with work stuff, so we didn’t really celebrate. In other words, no pictures. But we’re going to throw down later in the summer and have a grand old time. 

Since we have no photographic evidence of today, here’s a few of her many faces:







Sweet Paizy, from the minute we found out you were being formed, you’ve kept us on our toes. You were not what we expected at all. We weren’t expecting you, but you are exactly what we needed. I praise the awesome God who knew that way before we did. You have rocked our semi-ordered world out of control and helped us learn to laugh about it. You are spunky, friendly, silly, daring, free-spirited, musical, sassy, and as your mom I have to say just flat out cute as a bug. You are determined and want to be a big girl so badly. Those days will be here soon enough, sister. Let’s enjoy being the “beebee” for a while. As fun as you are, you could very well have inherited my drama gene, so let’s just stay little and drama free for a few more years, at least. Thanks for being you. Thanks for helping me loosen up, just a bit. I love the way you laugh, with your little hands over your mouth. I love the way you make animal sounds. I love the way you hug new friends. I love the way you sing the Star Wars theme (seriously, she does!). I love the way you put your baby dolls to bed and tell me to shhhh! I love the way you move your mouth to Hannah Montana, pretending to know the words. I love how you hold your arms out and say, “Ta DAA!” every time I get you dressed. 

You are a precious child. I wasn’t sure I wanted 3 kids. I was pretty terrified of being your mom. But God taught me to trust him and know that his plan is the best one. I hope that you will take your strong will and give it to Jesus and learn that whatever he gives you is perfect. Use your hard headedness for God’s glory, standing up for what is true and right. I know you can do it. You can do anything, as far as I’m concerned. I’m praying for you. I’m praying for your protection, your education, your social life, your future husband…but most of all for your salvation. I want you to know Jesus and that he loves you so much. More than I ever could. He wants you to follow him. I promise to tell you everything I know about him. I promise to help you out and help you grow, and try to stand aside when you need to mess up from time to time. You can ALWAYS come to me. I will always have a hug for you. 

Happy birthday Paiz. The day you were born 2 years ago was one of the most fun days of my life. You have continued to bring the party every day since. I’m so thankful for you. I love you so much.  -mama


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