Awake. And Not Happy About It.

May 29, 2009 at 5:33 am 1 comment

If I would get out of bed and turn the light off, I’d go to sleep. But Michael is up working, and I just can’t bring myself to turn the light off while he’s still up. 

I know, I’m so unselfish. 

That was meant to be sarcastic. You got that, right? 

Actually, I’m just really tired and just too lazy to put the computer away, and turn the light off. So I’m just gonna sit here until Michael gets finished. 

And you, lucky ducks, are the ones who get to hear about it. 

Michael played ball again tonight, and we are always happy when he remains injury free. 

Paisley has a name for her pacifier. She can only have it to sleep, and she calls it her “beebee”. Tonight, when we got home, she was mostly asleep, and lifted her head a bit and said, “two beebees.” The sleepy kid wanted one paci in her mouth, and one in her hand. Sweet thing. 

Molly asked me today if we had bones in our lungs. I said no, but we have bones around them, called ribs. Then she asked how our lungs work and how we are able to breathe in and out. I made up something about muscles and air, and realized that I’m going to have to spend lots of time on wikipedia to keep up with her questions. She asks stuff like that daily. It’s cute. A little weird, but cute. 

Aidan was listening to a book being read on Reading Rainbow today (don’t you just love Levar?) that was written by Tiki and Ronde Barber. When I told him that Tiki was the same Tiki that made a guest appearance on the new Electric Company, he said, “NO WAY!” He got excited, because he loves the EC, and it was like worlds colliding for him. I’m hoping it may spark a slight interest in football. Let me change what I just said. I’m hoping it may spark an interest in knowing about football and maybe playing Upward Flag Football. My skinny dude couldn’t handle being tackled. Mama couldn’t take it either. 

I have been reading novels constantly for 2 weeks now. I am realizing that when I read, I don’t write. And when I do write, it’s about nothing because I’m worn slap out. 

My whole family headed out on vacation this week. My brother and his crew is going to South Carolina. My folks are headed to Florida. Actually, mom has a meeting, but my parents are good at finding fun anywhere. So they’re leaving us here in the Mosquito state to hold down the fort. Hope their trails are happy. 

Good gracious, is Michael not going to sleep tonight? 

The past several months have been very frustrating to me in a specific area of my life. I am about to have to give up doing something that I love so very much. But there are other things for me out there, and sometimes it’s better not to do something than to do it and stay ticked off. So I’m dealing with that these days. But if that’s my only complaint, other than needing to lose 10 pounds, then I guess I’m okay, huh? I really hope God gives me  other ways to do what I love to do without being in an uncomfortable situation. 

Tomorrow, my kids are going to run wild at the Renaissance, playing in the fountains. I always have to bring a change of clothes, so they won’t freeze on the way home. The problem is, there is nowhere to change them. So I make a towel curtain and my kids strip down in the middle of an upscale outdoor mall. If that makes me a redneck, then so be it. 

Oh, and I read today that Daniel Craig (007) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) have signed up to do a movie together. Michael thinks my eyes will get cavities from all the eye candy. I mean, seriously, could there be a better looking pair of dudes up there? I’m afraid Michael won’t take me to see it because he’s afraid I might find a way to hang a poster up in our room of those dudes. (I really wanted to use the words manly hunks of hotness somewhere in this paragraph, but I’m trying to be refined and somewhat of a positive influence on those around me. But know that that’s the word I’m thinking.)

I’m kidding. Sort of. 

It’s half past twelve. That sounds so old fashioned, I love it. But it’s time to bid adieu. Buenos noches.


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Sunday Afternoon Later, Leno.

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  • 1. Katie Walden  |  May 29, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    A movie? I heard it was Broadway show. Seriously.


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