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I’m Here To Help

In this week of HUGE news…I would not be a good friend if I didn’t share this little tidbit with you. 

GAP is relaunching their jeans line this fall, and so right now, this weekend, a whole bunch of their men’s and women’s jeans are…


So if you’re a fan of the Essential Curvy, the Long and Lean, or my fave, the Mid-Rise Boot Cut…head on over. 

I’m sure there were other types too, I just didn’t look that long. It was closing time, and Michael and I were busy doing the happy dance over finding jeans that fit my “I had 3 babies and love rice krispy treats too much” body. 

The lady said the 19.99 wouldn’t last long, then they’d go back to a “regular sale price”, whatever that means. 

Enjoy! (Oh, and the tank tops are still 10 bucks each. I have 7, and could still use about 4 more. They are that wonderful.)


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Maybe I Should Watch Steel Magnolias

I need a good cry.

Do you get like that? I just feel so emotionally and physically strung out. 

I think if I could just sob for a few minutes, and get it out of my system, I’d be fine. But I don’t have any tear triggers available right now. The news is on, and Rob Jay is attempting a sportscast. Maybe that will make me cry. 

Have I ever told you that I hosted a beauty pageant with him? That was a rough night. He showed up almost an hour late, parked right in front of the school, and acted like a diva. The roof leaked in the auditorium and there was a storm outside. He moved out of the way of the leak, which left me, in my formal dress, having to stand directly under the constant drip, drip, drip of rain. In a formal dress, that I had BORROWED, by the way. I’m still holding a grudge. 

I needed to cry that night, too. 

Aidan got the pinkeye. I’m so upset about this. Partly because I don’t want him to be sick, but also because I worked for hours today, cleaning, scrubbing, wiping, mopping. I washed all the sheets, and now I have to wash his again tomorrow morning. It feels like a mean joke. 

Vacation is 3 days away. Michael comes home tomorrow. We’re going to get our groceries on Friday, and pack up on Saturday. I’m praying hard that nobody else gets sick. We’re taking a sweet friend with us to help with the kids, and I’d die if we had germs in the van. 

Besides the cry, I could use a good dose of peace. I feel overwhelmed with so many things to do to get ready to leave. I also feel the responsibility of leaving the house perfect so it can be shown while we’re gone. Not that anybody’s going to look, but I have to do my part, regardless. 

Since this post couldn’t possible get any more negative, let’s brighten things up with pics from Paisley’s party on Saturday. Mostly, can I share with you the food? I was so proud of this spread, I worked hard on it. 

100_6959See those cupcakes? My labor of love, those little babies. 

100_6966She was so fun that day. She realized it was all for her while we were singing. When she heard her name during the song, she lit up and grinned. I’m so glad she had her turn for a fun day. 

I just heard on Conan that they’re raising the number of best picture nominees from 5 to 10. That’s awful for someone like me, who has seen one movie all year. I loved Hannah Montana, but I don’t think it will be among the 10, and that makes me a little sad. 

Oh, speaking of movies! Michael has been working in Wisconsin, you know? Well, he’s staying in Iowa, across the Mississippi River. He found out today that the movie site for Field of Dreams is about 20 miles from where he is! He’s got some time tomorrow before he flies out, he’s going to try to go visit the house and baseball field. That’s so cool. He loves that movie. Maybe I should watch that, I’d definitely cry. 

I miss him pretty badly. Maybe “if I cry, he will come home”. 

Lame joke, but I had to tie this all together somehow.

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He’d Better Bring Home Some Cheese

Michael is in Wisconsin. I think those of us (meaning me) left behind should get a big chunk of cheddar out of the deal. 

I’ve put Paiz in the bed 6 times. This is actually an improvement. 

I slept in 3 one hour spurts last night. I’m really tired, again. 

Tomorrow, the kids are going to school. I wish I could spend that day shopping for vacation, or looking for an outfit for our 10 year anniversary date, or taking a long nap. But no…I’m hanging out with my bucket of Clorox and some Pine-Sol and getting this place back in order. 

I read today that my 3 favorite bloggers that I don’t know all spent the weekend together. Big Mama, Boo Mama and another blogger went to The Pioneer Woman‘s ranch. If you don’t read their blogs, you should. They are stinkin’ delightful. I’m working on not being jealous. Her Lodge at the ranch is muy fabuloso. 

I think Paiz is down for the count. Now maybe I can turn the light on. I feel weird sitting here in the dark. 

Last week, we went swimming at my aunt’s house in Clinton. Here’s the evidence:

100_6943I personally really think this is a cool move. Not sure what’s going on here, but he looks kinda wicked. 


100_6952And this was right after I said, “dude, you’re gonna need a compressor for that big thing.” He attempted to blow it up anyway, and when he started to pass out, he realized I was right. Just kidding on the passing out. He just waited for Paiz to find something else to be interested in. 

Sleep is about to overtake me. I want to hold out to watch Conan on The Tonight Show. I have no idea why I think he’s so funny, but he absolutely cracks me up. So I’m going to get ready for bed now. That way, if I fall asleep while I’m watching the show, at least I’ll fall asleep laughing.

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Bone Tired

I’m not responsible for anything wacky that is posted tonight. I’m too tired to think straight. 

VBS was wonderful. My kids had a blast. Michael had a blast. I had a blast. We’re 5 for 5. 

I had an opportunity to share Christ with a kid who is looking for some answers. We had a great talk. I’m praying for him. 

Paisley celebrated the joy of being 2 today. There was lots of water, friends, and fun. I worked my tail off, and then sweated off the rest of me, but it was worth every minute. 

I have had NO time to get anything for Father’s Day. I am a terrible daughter, and wife. Maybe next week…

But last year, I wrote this about my husband and dad.

I still mean every word.

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A Good Word

Today’s sermon was about prayer. Ronnie is preaching through the spiritual disciplines and today was Prayer day. I took notes and hung on every word, because we’ve been praying about a specific thing for months now, and nothing has happened. I am feeling discouraged and wanted some thoughts on what to do about it. 

So Ronnie tells us today that prayer is expected. Prayer is learned, and prayer is answered. It was a really great message. 

At lunch today I told him how much the sermon meant to me. I told him that selling our house has been a much bigger test of our faith than we thought it would be. I just honestly don’t know why it hasn’t sold. I know it’s a slow market, but I guess I just really thought that God would have sold it by now, because that makes sense to me. 

I have thought all along that surely God knows that my son needs to be in public school for first grade. Surely I’m not called to homeschool. Surely God doesn’t want me to pay the registration fee for the girls’ preschool so I can be home with Aidan, and then if the house does sell, we’d lose that money. Those are all things that will have to happen if the house doesn’t sell, and it just doesn’t make sense to me why God would want that for us. 

But I’m not God. 

So I’m willing to do what he tells me to do, although so far, I haven’t felt like homeschooling is the answer. I have no idea what will happen here, but I learned today that I must not stop praying about it, just because so far, the answer doesn’t make sense to my human logic. I’ve got to pray, because prayer changes me. Prayer, that constant communication with God, keeps me close to him, therefore it’s easier to accept those things that I just don’t understand. 

Let me give you some background as to why we’re here in the first place. When Michael first got the job he has now, we were thrilled with how God was providing for us, and the whole reason he does what he does is so I can be home. The job was a great situation. We had 2 little kids with no plans for 3, and could make it fine on his entry level salary. 

He commuted from our little rental house in Jackson for a few months, and that got old very fast. We knew we needed to be in Madison county. We started house hunting, and realized quickly that we could not afford a house in Madison with just one of us working. So we found a cute little gray house in Canton that met all of our needs, except for the school district. I knew it was a risk, but I also thought we’d just move in a few years, no problem. Right after we got a contract on the house, I found out that Paisley was on her way. We accepted that we’d just have to squeeze for a year or so and make it work. 

Living here has been wonderful. Michael comes home for lunch every day. He is home quickly after work. We can go by and see him anytime. If I have to run an errand, he can come home for a few minutes. It has blessed us so completely. We have a huge yard, and no neighbors. My kids can run and play and ride bikes to their hearts’ content. 

But school is imminent. I really want Aidan to be in a classroom. Plus, my girls are busting at the seams now. Molly asks daily for her own room. We all squeeze into the tiny downstairs bathroom to brush teeth at night because the kids would rather use ours than theirs upstairs. It’s just getting a little cramped. 

So I’m praying. I know God will answer. He is my father, and he will take care of me. He has never made a mistake or done anything wrong. He is perfect, and his plan is perfect. I will continue to pray, to know his heart and his will better. 

And I’ll be thankful for our little gray house in the almost-country and be the best homeschool mom ever, if that’s what he wants. 


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V-Very, B-Busy, S-Summer!

Right this minute Michael and I are side by side in the bed, each with a laptop. He’s looking up Thomas trains on Ebay and I’m talking to you guys. 

Thomas trains may be the best toys we’ve ever bought. Aidan got his first one before he was 2, and has played with them off and on for the last 5 years. That’s some serious toy longevity. Paisley likes them, too. She goes to her big brother, takes his hand and says “Choo Choo Bubba!”, then they go upstairs and build a track and she knocks it down. 

Yep, we’re just kickin’ it around here this summer. 

We’ve been to the park a lot. I am loving life at the park these days. I can go sit with my friends in the shade and my kids can run around without Mama having to follow them every step. I’ve waited for this for years. 

We spent today at my Aunt Peggy’s house, playing in the pool all afternoon. We did cannonball contests and had a big time. I love the water. I love swimming races with Michael. The kids cheer and yell for both of us. Michael always wins in the underwater swimming. I always win in backstroke. Neither of us are Phelpsian by any means, but we have a great time. I love splashing, jumping, swimming, and just lying completely still on a raft, and blocking out the sounds of the kids. The water is definitely my favorite part of summer. 

My other favorite part starts on Monday. Vacation Bible School! I think there may have been only one summer of my entire life that I didn’t do VBS. When Michael and I were newlyweds and didn’t really have a church home, we didn’t do it. But I have either been a participant, a helper, a teacher, a food preparer, or a worship rally leader every other year that I can think of. I’ve danced to the Rickshaw Rally, gone on a Ramblin’ Road trip, paddled to Outrigger Island and everything else. 

I get so excited about it. I try to put as much into it as I want the kids to get out of it. I mean, that’s the point, right? I don’t think it’s ever about the theme, or the decorations, or the music, although those things are awesome. I think it’s about a whole slew of kids seeing Christ demonstrated in the lives of the adults leading. I don’t want the kids in my room to say, “yeah, it was fun. my friends are cool. we did cool stuff. the teachers did their job.” I want them to see me excited about what they’re excited about. I want them to see me not afraid to act like a maniac, if it gets their attention and helps them to realize that adults really do care about what is going on in their hearts. 

I want to go home every day and say, “that was fun!” It’s a personal challenge to myself every year: how hard can I laugh? How passionately can I convey God’s Word? How off the wall can I act to get them to understand that the Christian life is a blast! 

Last year, I got to sit down and tell my sweet 5th and 6th graders about how God made me and how there are some things about me that are not quite like everybody else. I was talking about my arms, legs and the other little quirky things about my body. I then shared with them how God created me to worship him, and whether my arms are bent or straight, I will raise them in praise regardless of what they look like. It was an experience I won’t forget. I felt like they understood feeling different or weird. I think they “got it”. I pray that God used what I said to maybe calm an insecurity or two. 

So I’m pumped up about this week. I want to see some kids meet Christ, and know it’s for real. I want my own children to have a wonderful time, and be completely exhausted at the end of each day (wishful thinking). I want Michael, who is so great to come work this year, to teach the Word every day in such a way that the kids see Jesus. I want to have the energy and enthusiasm so that they’ll know that Mrs. Anne cares immensely about the state of their precious hearts. 

After 31 years in the VBS business, I always get way more than I give. It’s a great investment, no matter how you look at it.

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It’s June, Baby, and 70 Degrees Outside!

Today was pretty much gorgeous. I mean, breezy, cool, play outside kind of weather. The kids and I tried to get out and blow bubbles, but Paisley kept dumping out the bubble liquid. 

She’s crazy like that. 

It was a really nice day, and we had been home since 4:00 on Wednesday, so the Albrittons ventured out on the town tonight. There was a parents’ night out at church, but we bypassed it for a little family time. 

Actually, I needed a black shirt, and so we turned that into family time. 

We headed down to my favorite place in the metro area, Renaissance. I browsed through a few shops, knowing where I would find the right shirt. No, not the Gap. Renaissance doesn’t have one. I knew Ann Taylor Loft would have what I needed so I ended up there. 

Michael took the oldest and youngest to Barnes and Noble, because he was having trouble keeping Paisley out of the flower beds. Molly went to help me out and give her opinion on black tops. She did a great job, not helping me, but acting like a mannequin in the store. 

Our family picture and Paisley’s 2 year old portrait is tomorrow morning. Paiz will wear a white dress for her pic, but for the family shot, we’re doing black tops and denim bottoms (yeah, they’re called jeans). Anyway…my photographer and her sweet daughter, who is our babysitter, just happened to be in Ann Taylor Loft at the same time. So I got lots of opinions on my shirt selection. It was awesome. 

Then we all went to Sweet Peppers for supper, and sat outside. Paisley and Molly were grooving to the music coming through the speakers and Paisley fell. Yep, busted it in the metal chair. While all the folks around us watched me to see what I would do. I cuddled and comforted and kissed her, but the only thing I could think was “PICTURES IN THE MORNING!!! AND DEB USES FILM!!!!” 

I trust that I am a good enough actress so that Paisley thought I was really concerned for her well being. 

Kidding. Maybe. 

I surveyed the damage, and there is a large red welp on her cheek. I put ice on it, and prayed. Then we got home and I put alcohol on it (someone told me it takes away bruises if you get it on there quick enough) and prayed. Then I used Aquaphor, because it says “healing ointment” on the bottle, and prayed. Then I put her in bed, laid hands on the sweet girl, and prayed again. 

I know vanity is a sin. I know I shouldn’t put this much work into what she looks like. But I want so badly to remember what she looks like right now, and see the pictures in 20 years and see her precious, unmarked, innocent little face. If that attitude is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

I’m kidding. I LOVE being right. 

So if the bruise is there in the morning, I’ll just talk to the photographer. Maybe we could scan in the proof, and doctor it up on Photoshop. I don’t know what our options are for film. 

When Molly was 2, and had her portrait made, she ran into the lawn mower handle the day before and scratched up her face. We had to reschedule. I’m not rescheduling. The weather is too great, and that’s such a God thing for this time of year. We’re all going to get out there and smile and give it our best shot, bruises and all. 

At least I got a new black shirt out of the deal.

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