It’s June, Baby, and 70 Degrees Outside!

June 6, 2009 at 3:16 am Leave a comment

Today was pretty much gorgeous. I mean, breezy, cool, play outside kind of weather. The kids and I tried to get out and blow bubbles, but Paisley kept dumping out the bubble liquid. 

She’s crazy like that. 

It was a really nice day, and we had been home since 4:00 on Wednesday, so the Albrittons ventured out on the town tonight. There was a parents’ night out at church, but we bypassed it for a little family time. 

Actually, I needed a black shirt, and so we turned that into family time. 

We headed down to my favorite place in the metro area, Renaissance. I browsed through a few shops, knowing where I would find the right shirt. No, not the Gap. Renaissance doesn’t have one. I knew Ann Taylor Loft would have what I needed so I ended up there. 

Michael took the oldest and youngest to Barnes and Noble, because he was having trouble keeping Paisley out of the flower beds. Molly went to help me out and give her opinion on black tops. She did a great job, not helping me, but acting like a mannequin in the store. 

Our family picture and Paisley’s 2 year old portrait is tomorrow morning. Paiz will wear a white dress for her pic, but for the family shot, we’re doing black tops and denim bottoms (yeah, they’re called jeans). Anyway…my photographer and her sweet daughter, who is our babysitter, just happened to be in Ann Taylor Loft at the same time. So I got lots of opinions on my shirt selection. It was awesome. 

Then we all went to Sweet Peppers for supper, and sat outside. Paisley and Molly were grooving to the music coming through the speakers and Paisley fell. Yep, busted it in the metal chair. While all the folks around us watched me to see what I would do. I cuddled and comforted and kissed her, but the only thing I could think was “PICTURES IN THE MORNING!!! AND DEB USES FILM!!!!” 

I trust that I am a good enough actress so that Paisley thought I was really concerned for her well being. 

Kidding. Maybe. 

I surveyed the damage, and there is a large red welp on her cheek. I put ice on it, and prayed. Then we got home and I put alcohol on it (someone told me it takes away bruises if you get it on there quick enough) and prayed. Then I used Aquaphor, because it says “healing ointment” on the bottle, and prayed. Then I put her in bed, laid hands on the sweet girl, and prayed again. 

I know vanity is a sin. I know I shouldn’t put this much work into what she looks like. But I want so badly to remember what she looks like right now, and see the pictures in 20 years and see her precious, unmarked, innocent little face. If that attitude is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

I’m kidding. I LOVE being right. 

So if the bruise is there in the morning, I’ll just talk to the photographer. Maybe we could scan in the proof, and doctor it up on Photoshop. I don’t know what our options are for film. 

When Molly was 2, and had her portrait made, she ran into the lawn mower handle the day before and scratched up her face. We had to reschedule. I’m not rescheduling. The weather is too great, and that’s such a God thing for this time of year. We’re all going to get out there and smile and give it our best shot, bruises and all. 

At least I got a new black shirt out of the deal.


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I’m Calling This A BLAHG for Today. V-Very, B-Busy, S-Summer!

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