He’d Better Bring Home Some Cheese

June 24, 2009 at 2:51 am Leave a comment

Michael is in Wisconsin. I think those of us (meaning me) left behind should get a big chunk of cheddar out of the deal. 

I’ve put Paiz in the bed 6 times. This is actually an improvement. 

I slept in 3 one hour spurts last night. I’m really tired, again. 

Tomorrow, the kids are going to school. I wish I could spend that day shopping for vacation, or looking for an outfit for our 10 year anniversary date, or taking a long nap. But no…I’m hanging out with my bucket of Clorox and some Pine-Sol and getting this place back in order. 

I read today that my 3 favorite bloggers that I don’t know all spent the weekend together. Big Mama, Boo Mama and another blogger went to The Pioneer Woman‘s ranch. If you don’t read their blogs, you should. They are stinkin’ delightful. I’m working on not being jealous. Her Lodge at the ranch is muy fabuloso. 

I think Paiz is down for the count. Now maybe I can turn the light on. I feel weird sitting here in the dark. 

Last week, we went swimming at my aunt’s house in Clinton. Here’s the evidence:

100_6943I personally really think this is a cool move. Not sure what’s going on here, but he looks kinda wicked. 


100_6952And this was right after I said, “dude, you’re gonna need a compressor for that big thing.” He attempted to blow it up anyway, and when he started to pass out, he realized I was right. Just kidding on the passing out. He just waited for Paiz to find something else to be interested in. 

Sleep is about to overtake me. I want to hold out to watch Conan on The Tonight Show. I have no idea why I think he’s so funny, but he absolutely cracks me up. So I’m going to get ready for bed now. That way, if I fall asleep while I’m watching the show, at least I’ll fall asleep laughing.


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