It’s Quality, Not Quantity…

September 13, 2009 at 8:49 pm Leave a comment

But I want BOTH!

I realize today that I have only posted 5 times in a MONTH. Y’all, it used to be 5 times in a week!

Life is clearly taking off at breakneck speed, and I’m caught in the wake of it all.

If I could, and in my dreams I do…I would have a full day every week to write, to sing, to rest, to read my Bible, to paint my toenails, to go through my outfits and decide what accessories I might need for Fall, to peruse magazines and websites and make a notebook of design ideas for my next house (which is a dream in itself). I would play in my makeup and learn to put it on better. I would try new hair products. I would watch Cosby Show reruns on YouTube and laugh. I would go for a walk and get my heart rate above its usual molasses pace. I would call a buddy and shoot the breeze.

But such a day is not going to happen, and while it’s fun to think about, would probably be way too indulgent for me anyway.

So I carve out a few minutes here and there. I paint three toenails, change a pullup, fix a cup of juice, glue an action figure’s head back on, and then paint the other two, hoping that the other foot will get painted before I have to make a public appearance.

And when I do have to go somewhere, and look down and see three of ten nails a sweet shade of blue, while the other seven are a lovely au natural, I think of the faces that I kissed, the giggles that I heard, the songs that we sung, the games that were played and I realize that I’m content with my new fashion statement. It’s a look I like to call, Just Be Thankful I Got Here Dressed.


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