I Have No Idea Why I Care.

October 21, 2009 at 3:47 am 1 comment

I’m watching the baseball playoffs tonight. There is nothing else on, and I figure that if I watch it, I can talk to Michael about it tomorrow. Even though Michael is asleep in the chair. So actually, I’ve got the advantage.

While watching this game, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the players choice of pants style. The pitcher for the Yankees was wearing these odd pants with flappy sides. They looked like grey Hammer pants, if there ever could be such a thing. It’s frightful, honestly.

Another thing…and I know this is superficial and lame on my part…the players all seem really large and unattractive to me. Maybe I’m crazy, but when I was in high school and college, baseball players were the best looking of all the athletes. I mean, I married one, didn’t I?


But these pro guys look like they just climbed out of the La-Z-Boy and headed out to the field. Now, I’m very much aware that they are highly skilled athletes with years and years of training. I know that I’m completely talking nonsense and have no idea what is really going on. But if you can’t talk nonsense on the internet, then where else can you?

Not that anybody is reading this, anyway.

But if we’re going to talk about outward appearance and fashion, I must show you the boots I bought the girls today.


They are pretty spectacular, I must say. And they are from WALMART. And…they are TEN bucks. Paisley got the red pair, and Molly got hot pink, which is no surprise.

While we’re on the subject (which is my favorite subject anyway), this is my new favorite sweater:


This is not me in the picture, just to clarify. (I crack myself up.)

Seriously, this sweater is cotton and cashmere, and is loose, but still cute and cozy and right now it’s on sale at the Gap.

I know, I just made your day.

Then there is this sweater:


I bought the scoop neck version of this at Eddie Bauer in Memphis a few weekends ago. It’s also cozy and comfy, while maintaining some level of cuteness. And it really looks good with a scarf.

I’m sharing all of this with you because I will be wearing one of these two sweaters almost every time I step out in public this winter. I just want you to be aware that I got them on sale and they are even more comfortable than Michael’s 13 year old Bulldogs sweatshirt.

I really need to revamp my shoe wardrobe. It’s hard to let go of the flip flops. I just about can wear my brown Justin boots with everything, and what they don’t go with, my bronze ballet flats will do fine. But eventually, I will need a change. It’s just who I am.

I should probably wake up my husband and usher him off to bed. I’m sure sleeping in a chair with the lights on is not comfortable.

But my sweaters are, and that’s what counts.


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  • 1. Holly  |  October 21, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    Love your commentary. And you’re right about today’s baseball players: a lot of them definitely look out of shape.

    I could use a new sweater. Maybe I’ll have to venture forth and find a Gap store. I just don’t know where!


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