My Opinion, and I’ll Be Swift About It.

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I really don’t mean for this to be an annual thing. I know I wrote about the CMAs last year, and I really didn’t want to go there this year. I just wanted to watch the show and enjoy all of the performances and make snide comments to Michael about who I thought should have won.

However, I’ve thought about this all day long. I’m embarrassed to think about what that says about me, but I’m committed to writing about what’s in my head, and this is all that’s in there right now.

I’ll start at the beginning, a very good place to start. Taylor Swift’s opening number just did not do anything for me. Why was she writhing? Why were there words screaming at me on the screen? Why all the angst?

Not to mention the pitch issues.

I’m a Taylor fan. I admire the socks off of anybody that can do what she has done at her age. She’s a talented songwriter and guitar-picker. She’s sweet and funny in interviews. She knows her audience and plays to them. Her voice, on the radio, sounds fine. But I was just not a big fan of Taylor Live.

So let’s just stay here on this topic. I’m not recapping the whole show, you saw it. But it will make me feel better to weigh in on the whole Entertainer of the Year award.

She has worked hard. She has sold a ton of albums. She sells tickets as fast as they’re printed. But she hasn’t been headlining a tour for years like the other four nominees have. She deserved to be nominated. She has worked hard and deserves awards. I agree with the album of the year award (although Brad’s album is the best I’ve heard) and even video of the year.

Female Vocalist should really go to someone who has proven themselves as a singer, not just a seller. I remember when everyone got mad when Carrie Underwood beat Faith Hill for that award. Yeah, she was young and new, but she can flat out sing. Nobody could or would question her ability.

Back to the subject of Entertainer of the Year: I think she belonged in the nominations. But I believe that they should have made her wait. Everyone says that it’s an honor to be nominated, so let her have that honor, along with the other awards she will win. But she needs to be a headliner for a few more years and mature as a singer and a performer before she is considered the best entertainer in country music.

The other nominees were Kenny Chesney, who has won it the four previous years. He has a huge tour every summer and sells out stadiums. Brad Paisley, who has the best live show I’ve ever seen and has proven himself as a master guitarist and songwriter. He also draws the animation and designs all of the video at his show. Keith Urban, who I don’t know enough about to have an opinion, but he is an incredible musician and I think his tour does really well. Finally, King George, who has been singing country music so long and so well that he could teach a master class.

Obviously, my vote would go to Brad. I think he deserves it, and his live show proves that he’s an entertainer.

So I wonder now that Taylor has won, is the door going to be open for anyone else next year? Or will she just keep winning and winning and nobody else will get a turn because the CMA is dazzled by the popularity factor? Again, I’m not hating on Taylor, I just think the biggest jewel in the country music crown should have a little bit more experience behind her.

And this was not swift at all. My apologies. I could write another whole post about Carrie Underwood and her many outfits, but I’ve done enough blathering for now.

Blatherer of the Year award? Yep, that one’s mine.


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