And How Was Your Day?

January 27, 2010 at 4:31 am 1 comment

Mine was fine, thanks.

I have been a blog slacker. I do not like this, not one little bit. But the honest-to-goodness truth is that I have had much to say, but haven’t known how to say it.

And being a minister’s kid, I know as well as anybody that delivery is as important as content.

I have about five posts right now in my drafts folder. There are things I want to say, but don’t feel like they would be well received. I live for being well received, so I write those posts and then save them away, knowing no one will ever read them. I guess then, that my drafts folder is like my little diary of soapbox rants, which in the end, never do anybody any good anyway.

So I’ll move on to safer subject, such as this: I have just eaten ten or more Pop-Ice popsicles. One right after the other. I’m addicted, and very, very cold. So I’m typo-ing all over the place because my fingers aren’t working right now.

I’m having a bad hair day today. It’s in a ponytail, locked up safe right now, because it has looked like the end of a witch’s broom all day. On most days, I feel like the only physical attribute I have is my hair. Today, I had to wear extra mascara because the hair was not making a positive statement. Do you have days like that?

Last night, my daughter (the five year old) was upstairs with the other two kids and decided she wanted something off of her shelf. Her shelf is a hutch unit thing on top of a dresser. She rolled Paisley’s bed over so she could climb up (I strongly dislike the wood floors upstairs) and reached for whatever she was wanting. The shelf tipped forward. Her music box collection crashed to the floor.

Gosh, it hurts my heart so much to actually type that. But it all came crashing down, just like the career of a lead singer in an 80s hair band.

My mom has been giving Molly a music box every Christmas as a collection. Mom is big on collections. I have a snow globe collection, my brother has Nutcrackers. I have a Department 56 Snow Village, my sister in law has the Dickens Village. She loves giving us stuff like this. I personally think it’s because shopping is much faster when you’re buying in a set, but she won’t admit to that.

So anyway, the music boxes from the last 5 years all hit the floor. Except the very first one she received as a baby, thank goodness. It was devastating. Molly cried harder than I’ve ever seen. Her face broke out in splotches and she had to run out of the room. She wasn’t severely punished, because she really did punish herself. She does have to go to my parents and tell them what she did. I dread that for her, although they will be gracious as usual.

But after it was all over, the tears were dry and the glass cleaned up, we sat in the kitchen and talked about it. I was explaining to Molly that although she thinks she can do grownup things, she is not a grownup. She can’t get things off of the shelf without asking us, and so on. Michael (who is nicer than me) sat down with the kids and said, “Guys, God protected you all tonight. That shelf could have come down on your heads or your chest and we’d be at the hospital right now.”

Aidan quickly responded, “But I saved everybody! I pushed it back when it started to tip over!” (This is true, he was quick with the reflexes for the first time EVER.)

Michael told him, “Yes, you did great, but God helped you do that, Aidan. He was in the room and protected you all.”

Aidan turns to walk off, raises his hands up above his head in fists and proclaims, “God gave me the Power! I AM A HERO!”

Molly was the first to laugh, then we all got started and all of the tension from the crash, the fear of injury, the anger and frustration over the cleanup was gone.

We owe a lot to that skinny six year old with the loose front tooth. According to him, he saved two lives and then provided entertainment.

And we were worried because he’s having trouble with subtraction. Shame on us.


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Out With The Old… You Would Think I’d Get the Hang of This by Now.

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  • 1. Jo Haynes  |  January 28, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    I so enjoy reading your posts. You and Michael are such great parents, knowing that God is giving you the words to say at the correct time. You listen and understand. Sometimes I don’t hear! Please keep on posting and you can send me your other post in a private message.


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