If We Can Avoid the Crazy Saints Fans, It’s Gonna Be Awesome!

February 5, 2010 at 4:10 am Leave a comment

This weekend is the Brad Paisley concert on the Gulf Coast.

This is my third time to go, and I’m so excited. I love his newest album, and all the other ones too, so I plan on singing along and having a wonderful time.

I just have to decide what to wear.

If you’ll remember last year, we had seats by the catwalk, and I grabbed the dude’s ankle. Here’s proof:

That’s my weird looking limb and the top corner of my head. This is brilliant camera-phone work, people.

You can read about the concert here.

The only thing I’m worried about is this: this is Super Bowl weekend, and there are a lot of Saints fans on the coast. I’m personally nothing close to resembling a Saints fan, so I really hope we don’t have to encounter massive groups of people dressed in black and gold. However, if we do, in the spirit of country music, I’ll be nice.

And rest assured that if anything remotely funny happens regarding Saints fans or anything else, you’ll read it here first. (Actually, this is probably the only place you’ll read it, because I tend to laugh at things nobody else thinks are funny.)

So anyway…my wardrobe options: black/grey sweater dress, leggings and boots OR brown sweater, green skirt, tights and boots OR blue dress, boots and find some tights on the way down there OR….it goes on and on.

Moving on…

The kids have been better this week. Aidan and I have had some great conversations. Paisley is working her way toward being potty trained. Molly is in a whiney phase that is driving us crazy, but she’s still fun to be around. Tonight we all sat and watched our wedding video. I have no idea why we are just now showing it to them, but we pulled it out of storage and took a look. The video is not in good shape, it makes a helicopter sound in the background. But you can still hear everything and it was so much fun to watch. I’ve recapped my wedding multiple times on the blog, so I will spare you, but I have to tell you this:

I have about three tapes of the wedding. Two different men made the videos and each gave me their original. Then there was the tape where they edited the two videos together so I could see different camera angles. These two men are very special to me, and have videotaped most of the highlights of my adolescence, so I was so thankful that they agreed to tape my special day. ANYWAY…we watched the edited film tonight. To be honest, I had never seen it. I’ve just seen the other two tapes, each one from a different perspective. The edited one was great. The tape is aging, and I need to have it put on DVD very soon, but it was so much fun to watch with the kids and get their thoughts and laugh at what they thought was funny.

Here’s the kicker: at the end of the tape, after we ran through the rose petals and drove off into the sunset, there were clips of people wishing us well. I saw some good friends. I saw many, many people who have passed on, and that broke my heart a little bit. I saw people I haven’t seen since that day.

Then I saw my Mamaw. My friend with the camera asked her to say something to us, and she said, “Congratulations, Anne and Michael. I love you both and wish you the best. I pray you’ll always be as happy as you are today. Most of all, I pray you’re as happy as your papaw and I are.”

She looked wonderful. This was way before she got sick and couldn’t get around well. These words do not suffice, but it was awesome to see her again.

The weird thing is, I have never seen that part of the video until tonight. It was not on the copy that I always watched, so I had no idea. Then there she was, in my living room, with her sparkly blue eyes and pretty smile. I think God was saving that for me. I have really been missing her, and there she was. It would have been special if I had seen that clip years ago, but I’m glad it was today.

Then there was a clip of my dad cleaning up after the reception in his bright orange Tasmanian Devil tshirt and shorts that needed to be about 3 inches longer. Molly took one look and said, “What is G wearing???!!!”

It was outfits like that that caused me to get married without hesitation and LEAVE the nest.

Now let’s just hope whatever I pick to wear this weekend won’t cause my children to want to do the same.


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