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I have to share a couple of things so I won’t forget!

Tonight, Aidan and I watched the Women’s Combined Ski Thingamajig. I told Michael I wasn’t sure what “Combined” meant, in light of the event. Aidan said, “You’re a grownup and you don’t know what “combine” means? Even I know that!”

Molly asked me today why I was fat when I sit down, but skinny when I stand up. Apparently, my middle needs some work, which I was well aware of without her telling me!

We have fought bedtime for years with our kids. They are snugglers, and just don’t want to go off to bed with just a kiss on the cheek. I’m okay with that, because I’m a snuggler too. So tonight I was in Molly’s room, and we were talking. I was telling her how she was a gift from God and how she was so special and unique and wonderful. She told me, “That’s good mom. Now can you leave? I’m ready to sleep.” I’ve waited for that for years, but I didn’t expect her to diss me!

Paisley has really gotten into singing and dancing. She is learning words to songs and loves to sing in the car. Her favorites are “Awesome Dod” (you know what she means!) and “Laughin’ Song” (Make ‘Em Laugh, from Singin’ in the Rain). She talks a blue streak and is finally reached a level of understanding that makes it a little bit easier to explain things to her. She is probably 75% potty trained, and can go all day in her big girl britches if we don’t get out too much. I’ve noticed a slowing down in the pullup purchases, so that’s a happy thing! She spends most of her day putting dresses on her Barbies. Every girl toy we’ve ever bought Molly has gotten much more use with Paisley. She’s much more girly-girl than her sister. She loves telling knock-knock jokes, and they don’t make a lick of sense, but we laugh anyway.

She loved the snow, and loved wearing her brother’s clothes! I know that negates what I said about the girly-girl thing, but she thinks Aidan is the coolest.

Molly loved the snow more than all of the other kids. She handles the cold a lot better than the big kid or the little kid.

I can’t believe I have known him for almost seven years now. He has changed so much, just these past few months. I could not be prouder.

I’ve had some bad moments this week with the kids. I’ve addressed it before, but I’m so mediocre in motherhood more often than I want to be. But they love each other, and they love me. They’ve extended grace to me, without knowing it was grace. I have returned it to them, and I believe that is what it’s about.

I’m a mother. Right now, that’s where God wants me to be. I don’t know how to want anything else for myself right now because I know that these three kids need me. They need guidance and protection. They need discipline and support. They need hugs and kisses. They need nurturing and nourishing. They need grace and mercy. They need unconditional love. They need me. They need Michael. They need Jesus.

And you know, even though I may not understand them a lot of the time, I realize that we’re so much alike. I need all of those things too.


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