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I feel weird writing this right after I wrote about NOT being sentimental.

My son is seven today. He’s my oldest, and my only boy. He looks and acts just like me. I’m crazy about him, and he drives me crazy. It’s a good combination.

We didn’t do a party this year, we just let him have a fun weekend. He spent the night with a friend, got to pick out his birthday supper (we had cereal) and got some cool gifts.

I would write him a letter here on the blog, but I’ve done that with both girls this year. So…to shake things up, I’ll give you my top seven reasons why I think he’s the coolest kid on the planet.

7. He is friendly. Aidan speaks to everyone and has had very few moments of timidity. He smiles a lot and is mostly polite to everyone.

6. He is creative. When he was still pretty small, he could come up with the best stories and ideas. Everything he plays with has a storyline, and he is constantly creating “episodes” for his favorite toys. His imagination is amazing.

5. He loves music. He picks out the drumbeat in every song, and adds a “tsss” sound for the cymbals. He can pick out songs on the piano, and loves to sing. He loves classical music, and Broadway stuff. We’ve spent several hours recently discussing the music of Les Miserables, which he listens to in the van. You have NO IDEA how much I love doing that.

4. He asks good questions. When he wants to know, he asks, and usually has a good understanding of our answers.

3. When he plays a sport, it’s to have fun. He doesn’t give a rip about being first or best, unless it’s against Molly, but that’s normal.

2. He loves his family best of all, works hard at school, and plays hard at home. He’s well adjusted and happy. He’s fun to be with and tells good jokes.

1. He hugs his mama every single day.

I have loved every year of his life. Some have definitely been more challenging than others…the first year with no sleep and lots of spit up…the second year with the adjustments of a new baby…the third year and potty training and a move…the fourth year and another move and preschool…the fifth year and learning to read and write and first attempts at sports, plus another new sister…the sixth year and making friends and having playdates and becoming more independent…the seventh year and homeschool, then CCS, and getting to move into the children’s department at church.

I wonder what the eighth year will bring?

I pray Aidan’s spiritual awareness will grow. Not just for his eternal security, but just for him to begin a relationship with God that will steer him as he grows and makes choices.

He’s a beautiful kid, and I am so proud of him. He makes me happy in so many ways. It’s crazy to think he went from this:

to this:

Happy Birthday, big guy. We are proud of you. We are here for you. We love you.


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  • 1. Jeri Ann  |  March 8, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    He is so handsome!


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