And This is Why I Can Never Write Professionally

April 24, 2010 at 2:55 am Leave a comment

It would never get done.

In actuality, I’d LOVE to write all the time. I would adore having time to put all the thoughts and funny things I think about into words and share them. It would bring me great, great joy.

But I have these things called children.

They are so worth writing about, but because they are doing their word-worthy stuff, I can’t get the words on the screen.

So…here’s a quick recap of recently: (And sorry for no pictures…I really hardly take them anymore, and the few I take with my phone, I haven’t learned how to get them to the Mac yet.)

Paisley broke her collarbone. She is following in the illustrious path of her older siblings and myself. Between the four of us, there have now been seven broken collarbones in our collective lives. It’s scary that I think about it enough to add all that up. But she’s fine and running around again (it’s been two whole days!) and she has learned how to know what she can and can’t do. It’s actually not been a horrible incident. Hold on, I lied, yesterday was horrible, but I can only listen to so much screaming before it becomes a really bad day.

Michael and I spent two days in New Orleans. He had a work thing, and we had an absolute blast. We had a three hour dinner with his work people at The Royal House and it was the most fun I’ve had with a bunch of Electrical Engineers ever. I tried raw oysters and lived to tell about it. One of my tablemates was a hysterical lady who informed me that the only way to truly enjoy a raw oyster was to be drunk. Since drunk is not an option for me, I “manned up” and tried the thing completely sober (my usual state) and I think she may be right. I didn’t really enjoy it, and I’m not getting drunk to find out if that changes things.

I also learned that I really dislike shopping alone. Michael dropped me off at the ever-so-swanky Canal Place while he conventioned, and after about twenty minutes of “me” time, I was ready for “me and a friend” time. However, in my lonely state, I got to be quite chatty with the sales people, and that was kind of fun. The Banana Republic lady was quite passionate about her wares, and really wanted me to spend more than the $20 I was allowing myself. I held fast to my budget convictions, bought a high quality white tshirt, and moved on.

What else has been going on? I’m trying to remember. I sang at a funeral today. I discovered something about myself in the process: I am learning to put a wall up on the emotions. That’s really a good trick for singing at funerals. I cry easily, even when it’s someone I don’t know, but today I could shut ‘er down, and it was much easier. I don’t want to ever do that in church, I want that to always be right on the surface. But I think stifling the emotions for singing at a funeral is a pretty good skill.

Our house still has not sold, in case you’re wondering.

Aidan spent this week taking achievement tests at school. One of the teachers stopped me in carpool to tell me how great he was doing with them. I’m so glad to know he’s a good tester. He really enjoyed taking them. He told me they don’t make him nervous, and I’m so happy for him about that.

I feel stupid just giving a family update. I never intended to write such boring stuff. I’m usually snappier than this. So I apologize, and will get back on my A-game in the near future. Whenever that will be.

But for now, it’s dishes and laundry as usual. Are you surprised now that this post is as dull as dishwater?


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