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Good morning!

I woke up at six today, and can’t go back to sleep. Tomorrow we leave for England. I’m traveling with a group of nine other people from my church to go on a mission trip to Nottingham. I’m nervous, excited, and so ready to see what God has in store.

I’ve never flown out of the country. When I was fifteen or so, I walked across a bridge into Mexico and shopped at a little town on the border. That is my only foray out of the US of A. I have my passport ready to go. I’m about halfway packed, and the travel guidelines are giving me a headache. Ziploc bags, no tweezers in my carry on, three ounce bottles…it’s overwhelming!

Last fall, God laid England heavy on my heart. I began to feel a huge burden for the country, and didn’t know why. In November, our church had a weekend of mission focus. There was a signup sheet for a trip to England. I knew without a doubt I was supposed to go.

Now I’m more certain than ever, but I still can’t believe it’s here. Michael is going to take the week off to be with the kids. He’s thrilled, and so are they. The time together is very needed.

I will try to blog from across the pond, but if we don’t have time, I’ll fill you in when we get home.

Please pray for us…
for safe travel…for health…for strength…for us to recognize where God is working and not be timid to join him there…for the people we’re working with…for our families at home…that God will be glorified in us and through us.

and if I could get specific, please pray for me, because I am singing in the church services we’ll be attending. I just don’t want them to hate it. Thanks!

I hear kids on the stairs…time to start my last busy day here.



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I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Today we’ve been married eleven years.

I written about the wedding. I’ve written about our honeymoon (the one thing I WOULD change). I’ve written about how much we’ve been through together and where God has taken us to bring us here.

So I guess I’ve run the gamut on appropriate anniversary posts.

There’s always the inappropriate anniversary posts, but that might be embarrassing.

So today was wonderful. I am leaving for England in six days, so I guess I feel a little bit sentimental and want to be close to my people. Michael and I took the kids swimming. They are finally at the age and have the ability to get around the pool without our help. We were able to chill out while they swam like fish, jumped off the diving board over and over and basically had a great time acting like hooligans.

Tonight we went bowling with three other couples. I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bowler. But I’m a good sport, so I had a blast. We have been blessed with some of the best friends in the universe, and it was fun to celebrate our day with them.

So now I have a clean house with a For Sale sign back in the yard, happy kids, a tired but happy husband, and a full heart.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how grace is not just the thing that saves us from our sins. Grace means getting what we don’t deserve. That’s how I feel about my life right this minute. I don’t deserve any of the wonderful things God has given me. My family, friends, church, talents, opportunities, material things…I don’t deserve a fraction of it. But not only does he give to me in abundance, he gives me spiritual blessings that I may never even tap into, because I am so earthly. We are so human, we don’t even understand enough about what he has blessed us with to scratch the surface! We take our physical blessings and run, giving thanks, and holding on tight to them, lest something bad happens. The truth of the matter is, we could let all our physical blessings go, and would still be wealthy with an abundance of the REALLY GREAT STUFF that God has for us in the spiritual sense. Those are the blessings that matter. That’s when grace is truly an undeserved gift.

I look at my Michael, asleep with the lights on, worn out from a fun, busy day, and I realize that God’s grace abounds in my life. All because I chose to believe Jesus is who he says he is. Amazing.

After eleven years, three kids, six moves, many church families and several jobs, there remains one constant. God gave us this life. He made us to worship him. Wherever he leads, we’ll go.

I just really, really hope he doesn’t lead us to open a bowling alley.

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