My Cup of Tea, Part One.

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I love England.

I have been home for one week, and at least once an hour, I wish I was back over there.

I want so badly to tell you about it. I could describe what it looked like, what types of food we ate, how much we enjoyed being around the people, what we did and saw every day, and how it was so much fun to serve God in a country where we spoke the language and didn’t look all that different.

But that’s not what I’m going to tell you.

I mentioned in my last post that my heart was burdened for England. Some of the greatest minds of all time have come from England. It’s a country full of history, academic excellence, beauty and royalty.

And so many are lost.

I know my life has been fairly sheltered. I haven’t ventured out very far, but that’s been solely because of a lack of funds and time, not because of a lack of desire to do so. I suppose my sheltered life has contributed to the fact that I have never had a conversation with someone who did not believe, and did not want to believe in God. In my little world, everyone I know is at least affiliated with a church. I’m not so naive to believe that everyone I know has a relationship with God, but when you’re raised in the South, you know how to talk like you do. It’s bred in us, to love Jesus and football, sweet tea and pretty shoes.

But I’m talking about England.

We instantly fell in love with the people we were going to be serving with all week. Not only were they kind, funny and gracious, they had a passion for the Gospel drawn from the experience of being the only Christian in their family, work or school. I was inspired daily by them, and believe that only God can match up people as perfectly as we were that week.

Our first challenge was to go door to door in the neighborhoods surrounding the church. The mission had several purposes: first, to invite them to a Barbeque at the end of the week. Second, to meet them and let them know about the church and it’s presence in the community, and third, to ask them about their beliefs and to share with them the love of Christ.

I was a little nervous, but I knew God was going with us. We knocked on door after door. Some weren’t home. Some told us they were not interested in the least and goodbye. Some told us that they were busy and it was not a good time. Then there were a few that let us know that they were atheist and nothing we could say would change that. Some loved to tell us how much they loved God, but that Jesus guy? How do we know he really existed?

The first day, I will admit that the cat had my tongue. I was afraid I’d say the wrong thing and make a huge mess of what we were trying to do. My door-to-door partners were my friend Anna, who is a teenager in my Sunday School class, and my friend David. David is an elder in the church we were working with. I’m honored that he was willing to take us along with him. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, as well as one of the most humble and kind. He answered my never-ending stream of questions with grace and good humor. I’m a better person because of the discussions the three of us would have as we walked.

As we continued door to door, it was amazing how God gave us the words. We were able to defend our faith when attacked. We were able to have conversations with people who looked quite formidable upon answering the door. We were all so aware of God’s presence with us at each doorstep. I looked forward to each time we went out.

There is so much more to tell, but this post has gone on long enough. I’ll tell you more very soon, it’s tea time now.


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England My Cup of Tea, Part Two

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