My Cup of Tea, Part Two

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The four days we worked in Nottingham, we had the opportunity to go into a few of the local primary schools and share with the kids about Christianity, and also a little bit about American Football. Each day we went to a different school. Some of our group did crafts with the children. Our two guys, Ronnie and Jake, taught them the basics of our football. I was in the group that taught about Christianity. We showed pictures and told them about what our church is like, and why we go. I had the awesome opportunity each day to tell them that we were from America, and on a mission trip. Then I asked if they knew what a mission trip was. I got answers like, “You must be a spy”, and “Are you undercover?”.

The answers were so cute, except for the realization that these children knew little to nothing about having a faith that you can share with the world. My answer each day was the same: “We are Christians. We believe that God tells us what to do in his word, the Bible. He tells us in the Bible to go all over the world and tell people that he loves them. So I’m here to tell you that God made you, and loves you more than anything. He has a great plan for your life.”

I was overwhelmed with the hugeness of those words. As I said them each day, I looked into the faces of children who likely have never been told that God loves them. With each class I felt more heartbroken and honored that God entrusted us with such a task. We didn’t share the Gospel and give an invitation, we were not allowed. We planted seeds. We planted seeds that hopefully the church will get the opportunity to water and watch grow.

In the middle of the last day, it came to my mind that if I can see just one of those kids when I get to heaven, it will be worth every mile that we flew, every step that we walked, every minute of jet lag and hard work.

Speaking of the work…it never felt like work. Not for a minute. We worked with people that were so much fun and so spirited and gracious, it felt like visiting old friends the whole time we were there. Also, our group became like family. We laughed hard about everything. We prayed for each other. We accepted each other unconditionally and hugged constantly. It was a beautiful thing, to see the friendships grow within our group. I’d do anything for any of them.

We stayed in the homes of the people in the church while we were there. I stayed at the pastor’s home, with him and his lovely wife. My roomate was Michelle, who I’d gladly take as a sister any day. Her son Jake stayed with us, and his room was across the hall. I missed my family every evening, but they quickly filled the loneliness I felt for Michael with their laughter. It was a terrific experience for me, to be brought into someone else’s family, and find my place there.

It worked out beautifully for us to bring four teenagers on this trip. They were wonderful with the kids, and brought a spirit to the trip that added so much. It was awesome to see them develop an awareness of how lost the world is. They went door to door with no complaint. They worked in the schools with enthusiasm. They played with children every afternoon and had a great time themselves. There was no drama, complaining, arguing, selfishness, or negativity. It is a huge privilege of mine to know each of them, Anna, Catherine, Jake and Sarah, and to call them my friends.

Soon, I’ll tell you about the fun things we did, and show you some pictures. But for now, I just wanted to tell you what God is doing there, and how we got to be a part of it.


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