One Size Fits All

August 16, 2010 at 3:53 pm 1 comment

I’m thinking about size today.

I lost 10 pounds recently. Isn’t that cool? I plan on keeping all 10, plus a few more, hidden very far from me. I’ve discovered a love for drinking water and working out that was very uncharacteristic of me until recently. I guess you can say I’ve had a transformation, physically and mentally. In the process of losing weight, I’ve discovered that taking care of my body is so much more than a vanity issue. I can do more. I am not dependent on food to comfort when I’m down, or impress people when I entertain. I’m more focused on who God is making me to be, from the inside out, rather than how much cream cheese is in that dip. I know that seems insignificant, but it has made a big difference in my life.

Because God is big, he’s making a big difference.

We’ve got some big stuff going on in our family. Michael is starting a new venture that is a huge answer to a long-prayed prayer. He’s excited, nervous, and depending on God to be sovereign, which we know he is, because he’s God.

He’s big, and can handle the big stuff.

One month ago today, I left for England. It was a big step for me. It was my first time overseas, my first time to leave the kids for over a week, my first time to go door to door sharing my faith in a country I knew nothing about.

God was big. He changed me in so many big ways.

Aidan started second grade. He’s now in the world of homework and projects. He has a wonderful teacher who loves what she does. It’s a big time in his life.

God is big. We’re praying daily for Aidan to recognize his need for Jesus. That’s big, too.

We’ve started a savings plan to buy used vehicles to replace our broken down van and truck. We are trying to do it without any payments. This is going to require me to do some things to make money. I have an idea that I believe is from God, and I’m going to have to step out there and do some promotion to make it happen. This is big for me. I’m not a promotion person, but I believe in what I’m doing.

God is big. He has balanced our checkbook each month for 11 years, in the lean times and the blessed times. Actually, our lean times were some of our most blessed times, because he’s so big.

He’s also small. Which means he can’t be categorized. He can’t be boxed in or defined. He’s all sizes, meeting all needs. He is always present, always knowing, always good.

He’s God over my daily fight with Paisley and the hairbrush. She hates having her hair brushed. I hate her hair being stringy. We have fought until I’ve finally started just praying about it, and God has been faithful.

He’s God over the swimming pool. My three kids can swim, as of this summer. I can actually sit and watch them, or swim along with them, playing games, instead of having to hold them, catch them, and worry about a swim diaper explosion.

He’s God over Aidan and his newfound shyness. He’s always been so outgoing, but lately, he’s been acting very different. I’m praying, and trying to accept this. I miss my party animal.

He’s God over our real estate situation. I’m listing this as a small thing, because it really has become just that. We want to move, we’re so tired of the long drive, but it’s not up to us anymore. It never was up to us.

God is big, small, and everything in between. That’s a pretty generic, and honestly, lame statement about the creator of the universe who loves us so unconditionally, and pours out so much grace and mercy, we can’t even begin to reap the blessings.

I’m daily overwhelmed as I see him working in what seems to be small and insignificant, and how he masterfully and graciously handles the things that seem so out of my scope, they’re so huge. Then, just as I get caught up in what all he’s DOING and how that impacts my tiny little life, I am reminded that it’s about who he IS, rather than what he DOES.

Then I’m overwhelmed again, and right when I’m feeling so small that I can’t believe God would have anything to do with me in the first place, I remember his love. His great, powerful, jealous, self-sacrificing, holy, pure, delightful love.

And I stand in awe of him who loves me, regardless of my size, because his size is a perfect fit.


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  • 1. nickolee  |  August 16, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    love it…
    what a much needed reminder – thanks for sharing!


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