Imperfectly Perfect

August 28, 2010 at 2:31 am 1 comment

My family is odd.

I have a husband with a wide range of interests and career choices. I have a son who can best be described as endearingly neurotic. I have a daughter who loves to figure things out and asks a million questions. I have another daughter who thinks that life is a party and everyone needs her there in order to have a good time.

Then there is me, and my list of quirks and idiosyncrasies would stretch from here to Memphis.

It’s been a rough week at Casa de Albritton. We’ve had miscommunication. We’ve had to administer some pretty intense discipline. We’ve had hormonal issues. We’ve had to clean up after Paisley cut her hair. We’ve had some stress about outside stuff that we’re involved in. We’ve had homework. We’ve had more angst than I can remember in recent days.

Summer is over, and we’re feeling the pain.

But in the midst of all the unpleasant, there has been some growth. The miscommunication makes our marriage stronger, if we choose to communicate wisely and work it out. The discipline is a necessary element to parenting. The hormone stuff will pass. The haircut was repaired, and she’s rockin’ a new look. The outside things are really not all that important, from a spiritual perspective (and everything should be from a spiritual perspective, if you ask me.) The homework will get done. The general angst hits hard, brings tears and frustration, and then moves on.

Because we’re made of tougher stuff than our circumstances. Because we have the full person of Jesus Christ living IN US (well, in Michael and me, the kids are still being prayed over). Because our Father constantly shows us that it’s not about us and our issues anyway. It’s about him. All God, all the time.

He’s perfect. We’re messed up. He’s complete. We’re just bits and pieces that don’t really fit together all that well on our own. He’s beautiful. We’re ugly and nasty with sin. He’s loving. We are consumed with selfish, evil motives.

Yet, he calls us his. He gives us himself. He covers us with grace and mercy.

I’m longing for the day I’m made perfect in his presence. But for now, I’ll take the imperfections and lay them down at the feet of the only one who can look past them and love me with an everlasting love.


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Speaking Up Eating My Words

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  • 1. Penny Cooper  |  August 28, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Love your blog, I came across it this morning and glad I did.
    Penny Cooper
    Alto FBC choir


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