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I’m Great at Inconsistency

I said I’d write about the fun stuff we did in England.

Maybe I will, one day. Right now, there is fun stuff going on here. I’m going to focus on that.

There is also the laundry, which is not fun, but I have to focus on that, too.

My kids made me laugh all day Sunday. I wrote down the things they said, just so I’d remember how much fun we had. During the sermon, our pastor said the word, “Septuagint” and Aidan said, “Bless you.”

He did get it from a video, but it was still funny. I laughed through the whole sermon. Which reminds me, if any of my friends with kids read this…you should head over to Lifeway and buy “What’s In The Bible?” on DVD. It’s made by Phil Vischer, who is the creator of Veggie Tales.

It’s informative, entertaining, engaging and truly, truly hilarious.

I laugh until I cry every time. And my kids are learning some great stuff, like what the “septuagint” is.

It’s carpool time. Rock on.


September 16, 2010 at 6:55 pm 1 comment

Eating My Words

Things I said (or thought) I’d never do:

Buy/wear jeggings
Teach Sunday School
Leave my babies to go across the ocean
Have friends that I love like family (This was a “thought”, I never said that. But I thought it.)
Live in a small town
Overcommit myself
Spend more than an hour a day driving here and there
Color my hair
Crave water
Run for fitness, and not because someone is chasing me with a gun
Send my kid to private school

I’m doing or have done all of these things recently. Some have changed my life for the better. Some of these things need to change.

But I’ll never say never again.

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