How Am I Weird? Let Me Count The Ways…

October 21, 2010 at 3:12 am Leave a comment

I’m really okay with being different. I understand that everybody has their own drummer, it’s really a matter of whether or not we choose to walk to the beat of our drum, or try to keep up with someone else’s.

I’ve got this problem. Actually, I’ve got lots of problems, but not one of them is big enough to complain about, so I’m just going to tell you about this in a factual, but not complaining, tone. Because it’s not a complaint, it’s just a weird thing. Anyway…have I clarified enough?

I have a fear of getting hit by a car changing lanes.

I don’t know when it started. I can vaguely remember my senior year in high school, coming home from the Reba McEntire concert and my white Grand Am was full of my friends and we were on I-20 and I tried to change lanes and someone honked because they were there, in my blind spot, and I almost hit them. It was a mom and daughter. I don’t know why I remember seeing them so clearly, it was dark and I got back in my lane and we went on our way. Plus, it was 16 years ago. Why do I remember that? Anyway…when I’m on the interstate, going above 65 mph, I get so nervous when someone changes lane close to me.

It’s crazy. I know they probably see me, but what if they don’t?

It was really bad last spring, when I had to take Aidan to school a lot, and we take the interstate for most of that thirty mile trek. I eventually got over the panicked feeling and could pray my way there. So this year, I’m a little calmer and we’re making it to school without me breathing into a paper bag.

But lately, it’s gotten worse. I jump when I’m riding in the passenger seat and someone changes lanes and moves closer to me. I think they’re going to keep coming and just take me out. Michael just holds my hand and tells me he is sorry I am dealing with this. He’s probably thinking, “My wife is a freak. She’s had her license for almost 20 years. What’s the deal?” But he never says it. He just holds my hand.

Anyway…this means nothing to any of you. This is not a lead in to a profound thought or scripture. I’m just weird, and I’m sure by the time I’m 75, I’ll have to have a driver and just sit in the back with those big sunglasses that will block me from seeing what’s going on around me.

But then I’d get carsick.

And that’s another one of my issues.

Good grief.


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