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November 14, 2010 at 4:57 am 1 comment

He will be thirty seven tomorrow.

I can’t believe it. I met him when he was eighteen. Oh, I had such a crush. I loved the way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled.

I still love it.

I just finished baking his birthday cake, and making the icing. His favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing. We usually use the icing from the tub, but I did the “from scratch” method tonight. He probably won’t like it as much, but seriously, who can compete with Betty Crocker?

He’s in the living room, watching a documentary on…get this…what happens to the body when you die. Like, the moment your life ends.

I think it’s ironic, on this birthday eve.

He says it’s a brain escape from the week he’s had. His week has been awful, but seriously, a documentary on death? How is that an escape?

To each his own. At least it’s not football.

I love my dude for so many reasons. I could list thirty seven, but I won’t. (I hear your sigh of relief.)

For now, I’ll just say that I’m glad he was born. He makes my life brighter. He makes me smile a lot. He hugs me better than anyone. He is the father of the three most wonderful kids that I’ve ever known, and he loves them selflessly.

His motives toward me are always good. He never, ever intentionally hurts me or tries to do or say mean things to me or the kids. My feelings can get hurt, but he never tries to hurt them. He loves me as Christ loves his church and he gives himself up for me, just like Jesus did. Michael takes that scripture seriously, and lives in such a way that glorifies God in our family.

Michael knows that without Jesus, he’d be nothing. His walk with God is his lifeblood, his energy. God’s word is hidden in his heart, and he studies it every minute that he can.

He hasn’t had a lot of free minutes lately, his job has been fierce. I know he does it for us, though, because he believes I need to be here with the kids. I pray every day that God will lead him to his calling, wherever and whatever that is. But for now, he works hard, and honors God with his words, his ethics, and his actions. I’m so proud to be his wife.

I have loved him for over half of my life. When I met him, I was amazed that he would even be my friend (I was just not that cool). Then when we started to date, I was overwhelmed that he thought I was pretty. Now, after eleven years of marriage and a lot of life lived together, I’m honored that he chose me and still chooses me today.

Happy Birthday, Michael. You are the most wonderful person I know. God gave me a gift second only to salvation and eternal life when he gave me you. I love you and will love you as long as I am breathing. (And now you know what happens when I stop breathing. That’s almost cool.)

Michael just walked in the room. I have to wrap it up. Apparently, he wants to tell me what he learned about death. Our marriage is nothing if not educational.

So here’s to the next thirty seven years, and all of the adventures God has for us. I look forward to following him together!


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  • 1. Cheryl Barker  |  November 16, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Hi Anne, I’m trying to visit a new blog every day before the end of the year, and today you’re my new visit 🙂 Came over from Pioneer Woman. I notice from your sidebar we have Beth Moore in common as well 🙂 Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby and life! Blessings to you!


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