Four Against One

February 1, 2011 at 3:43 am Leave a comment

My whole family is sick.

But not me.

They all “gots da feezer”, according to our littlest sick one, Paisley.

For some crazy reason, I don’t get sick. Michael and I tried to remember when I was sick last. In December, everyone caught the stomach bug and was sick for a full day. I was a little queasy for about two hours.

I think I had a sinus infection last year, but I just got a shot and kept on going, because I had to sing in church.

I use this super-human ability to talk to my children about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and getting exercise. I seriously think that’s what works for me.

They just look at me like they hear me, but don’t understand the words coming out of the hole in my face.

Go ahead, ignore me. I am the one who doesn’t have chills right now.

That’s right, husband o’ mine…I’m talking to you, too.

As I write this, Paisley has padded downstairs in her “zippy suit” (red Superman fleece footie pajamas) and crawled in with us. If I manage to escape “Flu-palooza 2011” unscathed, then it will be a miracle.

Speaking of miracles, one of my best friends had twins today. They came at 28 weeks, so there will be some hospital time for them, but as of this afternoon, they were doing okay. I’m so grateful. I’ve prayed for them since she told me last summer that she was expecting, and I absolutely can’t wait to hug her and check on the little guys.

I just have to kick some flu virus boo-tay first.


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