The Wind is Whipping Wildly at the Window

February 25, 2011 at 3:32 am Leave a comment

I was in the mood for a little alliteration.

It’s getting fierce outside, y’all. We’re expecting a thunderstorm later tonight, and of course the weatherpeople make it sound like it’ll be a doozy. I doubt it will be a full-on doozy, maybe more like just a dooz.

I have not been myself this week. Today, Aidan was supposed to wear his “Chapel Uniform”, which means navy CCS shirt and gray shorts or pants. I sent him in his khaki shorts. I haven’t done that in the whole year he has been at CCS. I felt like a dummy. I’ve been distracted, I’ve fallen asleep at random times during the day, I’ve had a non-stop case of the munchies, and no tortilla chip is safe in my presence.

I think it’s the lack of caffeine. I was told by my doctor on Monday to cut out caffeine, and I guess it had a greater effect on me than I thought it did.

So back to what I was saying. Oh, wait…I wasn’t saying anything.

My husband just saw the title to this post and raised his eyebrows at me. It’s a good thing he knew I was weird when we got married.

And now the rain has come in, and any coherent thought I was going to write about (and I promise there were a few) has gone out the window. I’m now going to to watch the weather, because I have sleeping babies upstairs I have to protect.

Because even during an “off” week, that’s one job I won’t mess up.


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