A Stinky Story

March 1, 2011 at 1:26 am 1 comment

There are many character traits that I’m trying to instill in my kids. Humility is one of the main ones. I’ve told them many times that no person is better than any other person. We all have gifts and abilities, and we all sin. We all are born with a need for Jesus. That puts every person on a level playing field.

I’ve wondered often if my kids understand that. They aren’t cocky at all, and I’m encouraged by that. They treat everybody the same, that I’ve seen so far, and I appreciate that they might be grasping the concept of all people being created equal.

That brings me to today, when Molly proved that my teaching has soaked into her little head.

We were in Michael’s, looking for supplies to make a sock puppet of Abraham Lincoln. Paisley, naturally, had to go to the bathroom. I think she has set a personal goal to try out every public restroom from County Line Road to Canton. We walked in the bathroom, and were taken aback by the smell.

It was a fairly clean restroom, but just like all public restrooms, it just had a funk. My girls can be really vocal about bad smells, so they immediately started being dramatic. Paisley would not take her hand off of her nose to save her life. Molly was trying to help, and kept telling Paisley, “Just breathe through your mouth, Paisley. Then you won’t have to smell it!” They both declared it the stinkiest place ever and would not be quiet about it at all.

The problem was, there was someone in the other stall.

I was embarrassed at the ruckus my girls were making, so I shushed them several times. They didn’t understand this at all. “Why, Mama? Why can’t we say it’s stinky? It IS stinky!”

After the other person left (the girls and I were in the other stall together by this point), I explained that bad smells are something that can’t be helped. I said that every person in the world makes a bad smell when using the restroom, and that there’s nothing we can do about it. I told them that if they are loud about it, someone in the bathroom might feel bad or get their feelings hurt, because there’s nothing they can do about it.

Molly instantly was remorseful, because she is my tenderhearted child. She wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose. She said, “I’m sorry Mama. I didn’t know I was being mean.” I told her she wasn’t mean, but that I just had to explain to her that it’s just kind of rude to talk about stinky bathrooms. Then I asked her how she’d feel if she was using the bathroom and someone walked in and said, “Man! This place stinks! This is the smelliest bathroom ever!”

She immediately responded adamantly, “If someone did that, I wouldn’t be upset! I’d AGREE with them! I KNOW it’s stinky!”

See? Humility. My child knows her bathroom business smells, therefore making her no better than anyone else. All those years of me being grossed out during diapers and potty training taught her that she stinks, too.

A lesson we could all benefit from, I think.


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  • 1. Katie  |  March 1, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    I love that Paisley has to go to the bathroom everywhere she goes. It reminds me of me. When I was little, it didn’t matter if I had to use it or not, I HAD to check out the bathroom wherever we went. I’ll never know why. But I was also the child that collected wallpaper samples when we went to Sears. So, yeah. I’m weird.


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