Whole Lotta Livin’ Goin’ On

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We’ve been running at full speed ahead these days. Some of us have been trying to actually RUN, which is a crazy accomplishment, but not really. (I’m talking about me, and I’m not a runner, I just like to pretend to be so I can wear my ipod on my arm and listen to Louie Giglio preach without being interrupted.)

Here are some of our recent shenanigans:

Aidan had Colonial Day at school. He rocked a fancy white shirt and a vest that was mine in college, and a white neck scarf that he loved so much, he asked if he could wear a scarf regularly. I told him sure, but I didn’t know many eight year old boys that sported scarves. He said, “Well, Mushmouth and Russell wear one!”

That’s when you know you’ve watched a lot of Fat Albert.

I had to make Gingersnap cookies for the class that day, and they are now Aidan’s favorite cookies. I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh. Don’t most boys go for Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter? My son likes the ones with ground cloves.

Here’s Aidan in all of his scarf-wearing glory:

Aidan’s the one in the middle. I love that his buddy is holding up a peace sign. Can’t you just imagine the colonists during the Revolutionary War holding up their fingers and saying in their proper British accents, “Peace, man”?

Also, for any of my college friends that read this, yes, that’s the vest I wore to our junior year Informal. Why I remember that, I’ll never know, but my Mamaw bought me that outfit. It had coordinating pants that I tore during my senior year when Michael and I took a road trip to Nashville to see Phantom of the Opera and it snowed and I slipped on the ice and tore my pants. I have kept the vest all of these years and never worn it, but I can’t bear to let it go. “Memories…of the way we were….”

So anyway, Aidan also had a big weekend recently. He invited two of his friends to spend the night. We’ve never done this before. It was awesome. The girls stayed with my mom and dad, and those boys had a blast. Aidan got to have some much needed “guy time”. At one point in the evening, they turned out every light in the house and hunted down Michael with Nerf guns. I took cover in my room with my computer and stayed far away. I got tickled, though, at one of the kids. Every time it would get quiet, he’d be walking around in the dark and would say, “Okay guys, I’m getting a little creeped out.” Bless him.

I have pictures from that great event, but I can’t find my SD card reader, and why would I get up now to find it? I’m comfortable.

The girls have also had their share of adventure. My dad has started doing pottery/sculpting. He makes gnomes. You read that correctly. They are the cutest, most terrific things ever. He’s made several, and they are all different. Molly has been dying to try her hand at the gnome making, so this weekend, she got to make some “baby gnomes”. They are super cute. And so is she.

Paisley has been busy talking about her friends and wanting to learn to send text messages on my phone. I refuse to teach her, because she already has more friends than anyone else that lives here. Plus, she can’t read yet, and I don’t want to be responsible for what comes out of her fingers.

I’m so proud of all of them, I can hardly stand it.

Michael has traveled a bit. He spent a week in Idaho and is finishing up the course he’s teaching at a local university. We’re getting ready to lead a group from our church back to England this summer. I’m so honored to get to do that again! I’ve gotten to do some singing and a tiny bit of writing and speaking, and I’m so grateful for every little opportunity to use that stuff to give glory to God. He is always the reason for doing anything.

So that’s us. There’s so much more to tell, and more pictures to show, but again, I’d have to find that card reader. We’re praying about some big life stuff, and looking for answers to big prayers. I’m excited about our future, and really pumped that God can take people like Michael and me and use them to help make His name great.

Y’all have a wonderful day.


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